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Featured Article: Show Coverage

If you only can make it to one ISE show take a trip to Sacramento (continued)

Persuader: Have you ever seen a bass take down a duckling? We haven't either, but we have talked to fishing Pros that have. Persuader brings us a topwater bait quite unlike any other... the new "Baby Duck." The Baby Duck is a floating bait that moves forward and makes feeding motions as it is twitched back to the boat. The lure has been fished by pro's such as Randy Pringle, and at the booth a video was shown where the Baby Duck received an aggressive strike and ultimately landed the largemouth.


A topwater lure quite unlike any other...the new Persuader Baby Duck


The Baby Duck makes use of a steel shank through the bait which securely holds the Mustad treble hooks. The finish on the Baby Duck was very impressive, and if anything this lure looks right at home in a collectors case. 


This duckling has a mean bite...courtesy of two Mustad treble hooks


The lure is hand painted and actually has real feathers on the duckling's back encased underneath three very thick coats of enamel. We expected the lure to retail for a lot more than the 17 dollar MSRP. 


Check out the real feathers on the lure's back!


Best known for premium spinnerbaits Persuader had their newest "E-Chip" lures on hand. The E-Chip is a patented technology that emits a electrical pulse designed to attract fish strikes. The EChip consists of a small stainless steel tube with a stainless ball inside. At one end of the tube there is a special ceramic crystal. As the ball strikes each end, the crystal produces a tiny electric impulse which duplicates the nerve discharge of a wounded baitfish. The E-Chip is attached directly below the silicone skirt. The E-Chip armed spinnerbait is available in 3/6 and 1/2oz sizes and retails for $6.99.    


Persuader's new Electronic E-Chip baits


The hidden E-Chip


A video showcased a Baby Duck fish


Owner of Persuader, Cliff, shows us the unique topwater Baby Duck

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