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EXO PT Spinning Reel: If you thought the EXO PT casting reel is impressive, wait until you check out the EXO PT spinning reel. You will see skeletal or ported designed out there but this one makes use of an innovative material that allows Quantum to reduce material from the rotor but keep its strength under load.



Here's the new EXO PT spinning reel


The frame construction is similar to the casting reel. The Quantum engineering team conducted lab tests and simulations to figure out the stress points and remove metal in places where itís not needed, replacing it with a lightweight composite material.


Exoskeletal frame, rotor, and spool design


The impressive part of the reel lies much in the rotorís makeup. It uses a revolutionary new material from Quantum called C4LF, which is an exclusive polymer infused with long strands of carbon fiber. The long 8 mm fibers, compared to 1-2 mm other manufacturers use, allows Quantum to construct the rotor so that the carbon fibers actually wrap around the edges of the rotor, producing a much stronger matrix and construction thatís 2.6 times stronger than normal composite materials. This minimizes rotor arm flex under heavy drag loads and produces a rotor thatís 80% lighter in weight than standard rotors on the market.


A Ni-Ti bail is used. No Magnetic brake system on the EXO because it would be too heavy


The EXO PT spinning handle features Quantumís new Tru-Balance handle design that utilizes the same 6061 tempered aluminum as in the casting model. The skeletal handle shaft has a unique rear-leaning design to counterbalance the handle knob weight for vibration-free cranking. And, of course, it comes with an EVA knob for its comfort and lightweight.


A tempered and rear-leaning design aluminum handle


The EXO PT spinning reel also makes use of their MaxCast II design and the spool lip configuration is optimized for todayís range of line types and smaller, more compact rod guides. The concave radius on the back of the lip prevents line from contacting the spool, creating less friction for longer casts. The system also keeps the line in tighter coils as it exits the spool to flow more freely and minimize backlashes and wind knots caused by looser coils. Quantum tested this system and their results show a 10% increase in average casting distance over a standard spool lip design.


Model Mono Capacity Braid Capacity Gear Ratio IPT Max Drag Bearings Weight
EX25PTi 150/8 160/20 5.2:1 28 16 lbs 10+1 6.9 oz
EX30PTi 150/10 220/20 5.2:1 31 16 lbs 10+1 7.1 oz


In addition the EXO PT spinning features their Ni-Ti bail, 10+1 PT bearings, and Quantumís Hot Sauce for the finishing touches. The new exciting spinning reels will retail for $199 when they become available in December of this year.


The impressive skeletal design uses longer fibers called C4LF providing superb rigidity 


See the new EXO PT Rods










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