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Rod Preview

A Hands on Preview of the new Cumara “Reaction” series moving rods


Date: 7/10/09
Tackle Type: Rods
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: We kick of our ICAST coverage with an exclusive look at Shimano’s new Cumara Reaction series of rods which are specifically designed for fishing moving baits in varying types of cover. These rods build off the existing line of contact rods and feature similar cosmetics but with an action all their own.

Shimano will debut 12 new Cumara "Reaction Series" rods this ICAST, we got to fish three in advance

All Graphite Crankbait construction: The Cumara Reaction Series features an IM-10 construction that offers exceptional sensitivity, reduced weight, and soft forgiving action. Wait, what’s that last part? “Soft forgiving action?” from a series previously known for contact fishing plastics? Justin Poe, Rod Product Manager at Shimano, explained that the rods make use Fuji SIC guides, custom performance reel seats, but the real magic is in the blank itself as he and Dan “Bantam1” Thorburn sought to create the most precise and lightweight reaction bait rod anglers have ever fished.

The Cumara Reaction Rods look like the current version but the actions are completely new and are designed for fishing crankbaits, ripbaits, and wire baits

It all sounded too good to be true, especially as we were mid way through our crankbait rod war sampling. Would these new contenders really stand up to the billing? So what did Justin do? He said that these new Reaction Series rods are just one of those things you just had to fish to believe, so to prove it he gave us the opportunity to fish three new rods for a total of over 40 hours on the water leading up to this ICAST.

The new Cumara Reaction Series CUC711M rod is designed for big deep diving crankbaits like the Norman DD22

The background: First let’s take a step back to see just how these rods were conceived. Up to this point anglers have known the Cumara series as Shimano America’s top of the line contact bait specific rods. Though popular the very narrow offering and actions limited the adoption by anglers wishing for a rod that was as light and sensitive but better suited to handling “moving baits.” Some anglers even reported back to Shimano that they liked the current Cumara rods so much that they were “forcing” themselves to fish them in applications they knew that they were not best suited for. Though Justin and Dan knew what they wanted to do with a reaction version of the Cumara they didn’t know if it was even possible given the current build of materials. The grip of the reel seat, the clean stealthy look, the weight, and the extreme sensitivity were all elements that they wanted to preserve in a reaction series, The big question was how to give anglers the same look and feel with the parabolic actions that are desired for fishing crankbaits.

Loaded up with a DD22 we get to fishing

They set out with a very specific set of goals, give anglers what they want and find a way to get reaction style actions out of high modulus graphite based fishing rod. In starting all this Justin and Dan had to first dissect the world of reaction baits. crank baits, blade baits, top Water baits. big baits, small baits, deep baits, and shallow baits. This turned out to be a major undertaking and took longer than they expected, ultimately they decided the best way to categorize these baits was by cover type, as they found that no matter where anglers fish these baits they are undoubtedly fishing some sort of cover and this was the only real constant they had to work with.

Setting hard the rod absorbs all the shock of the line keeping the fish pinned on

Next Section: It is all about the cover type with these rods









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