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Quantum: In the past two years the W.C. Bradley companies which include big names such as Zebco, Quantum, and Fin-Nor has introduced many new and improved products. As we look at their current line up we would think that they would have already tricked out all their products. Well, there's still room as we are about to introduce to you some of their new products that will fill the gaps in their already high performing series of reels.


The new Accurist PT BURNER



Quantum Accurist PT: Both the Tour Edition PT and Energy PT premium low profile baitcast reels have a Burner model except the Accurist PT... until now. Soon joining the family of Burners is the new Accurist PT Burner having the same 7.0:1 gear ratio and an IPT of 28.8. Having a high speed ratio on a reel with a Flipping switch sure does make sense as one can pick up the slack line quicker either to hit the next hole or to tighten the line for a solid hookset. Retail price for the Accurist PT will still be $129.95.


Quantum Accurist PT

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) IPT Gear
New! AC570PT 5 9.5 oz 12/150 28.8 7.0:1
AC500PT 5 9.5 oz 12/150 25.0 6.2:1
AC501PT (left-handed) 5 9.5 oz 12/150 25.0 6.2:1


Introducing the Code


Quantum Code: Here's a brand new baitcast reel that is positioned right beneath the PT series. The Code reel has a different profile than the PT series that appear to be somewhat smaller but still easy to palm. The Code is constructed using a one-piece aluminum frame having a Titanium-coated line guide and MaxCast skeletal spool. It features the ACS II cast control system and Continuous Anti-Reverse that we've seen on other Quantum reels. The Code, having 8 bearings, will come in two speeds, 7.0:1 and 6.2:1. This reel will retail for about $89 and will first come in right-handed retrieve models. Available in November 2007.



Quantum Code

Model Bearings Weight IPT Gear
CD870CX 8 9.47 oz 29.0 7.0:1
CD860CX 8 9.47 oz 26.0 6.2:1


The Burst



Quantum Burst: Next down the line is the new Quantum Burst. This reel might appear like the Code but there are differences. The Burst reel uses the DynaMag magnetic cast control instead of the ACS II. This reel uses a composite frame design and features the Continuous Anti-Reverse, Titanium-coated line guide, and a MaxCast skeletal spool. Because the Burst uses a composite frame it weighs much less than the Code, coming in at only 7.84 ounces. The Burst will retail for only $69. Available in November 2007.



Quantum Burst

Model Bearings Weight IPT Gear
BU670CX 6 7.84 oz 29.0 7.0:1
BU660CX 6 7.84 oz 26.0 6.2:1


Wow! Look at the stunning Tour Edition PTi-A




Quantum Tour Edition PTi-A: After seeing the trend with the baitcast reels we sort of expected Quantum to release a higher-end reel, and they did just that for 2008 with the Tour Edition PTi-A spinning reel. This reel is similar to the Energy PTi-A but has differences that sets it apart from the Energy spinning reel. The new reel has an improved LMS controlled line management system. This system is enhanced... In addition the Tour Edition PTi-A uses 12 polymer-stainless hybrid bearings and a lightweight skeletal titanium handle. Four sizes are available on this high-end spinning reel and will retail for $239.95.




Titanium skeletal handle. It's extremely light and durable


Quantum Tour Edition PTi-A

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
TE10PTi-A 12 8.45 oz 4/125 5.3:1
TE20PTi-A 12 10.46 oz 6/140 5.2:1
TE30PTi-A 12 13.1 oz 8/160 5.2:1
TE40PTi-A 12 13.2 oz 10/230 5.2:1


Aruba now comes in higher speed versions



Quantum Aruba PTs: After last year's introduction the Aruba PTs has been raved among saltwater anglers. This year at ICAST they are releasing two additional reels to fill some gaps. The two reels will be of higher speed, having selectable gear ratios of 4.2:1 and 2.7:1, whereas the previously released conventional big game reels were 3.2:1 and 1.7:1. The addition of the higher ratio will allow anglers who need the speed for their big game fight. The new Aruba PTs reels will retail for $499.95 for the ALD20PTsX and $519.95 for the ALD30PTsX.



Bob Bagby shows us the latest in Quantum and Zebco


Quantum Aruba PTs Saltwater

Model Bearings Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear (2-speed)
ALD20PTs 5 20/750 3.2:1 and 1.7:1
ALD30PTs 5 30/750 3.2:1 and 1.7:1
ALD30WPTs 5 50/600 3.2:1 and 1.7:1
New! ALD20PTsX 5 20/750 4.2:1 and 2.7:1
New! ALD30PTsX 5 30/750 4.2:1 and 2.7:1


Introducing the new Fin-Nor Offshore Casting





Fin-Nor Offshore Casting: You heard the Fin-Nor story from our past ICAST coverage and yes, they are right on track with their offerings. They are taking their time on releasing each product because they want to ensure that they products perform and hold up as the Fin-Nor brands used to be when the company was first formed. This year Fin-Nor is introducing the Offshore Casting which is designed to battle against the Shimano Trinidad and Daiwa Saltiga. The Offshore Casting offers six double shielded stainless bearings, a die-cast aluminum frame and side covers, machined aluminum spool, a rugged Continuous Anti-Reverse with back-up pawl and ratchet system, stainless steel oversized main gear with brass pinion, carbon fiber multi-stack drag system, audible bait clicker, and it comes with a rod clamp and a multi-purpose tool. The Offshore Casting comes in a 4.3:1 and a 6.2:1 gear ratio and will retail for $179, $189, or $199, depending on size. The Fin-Nor Offshore Casting will be available in February 2008.




Fin-Nor Offshore Casting

Model Bearings Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
OFC16L 5 20/350 4.3:1
OFC20L 5 20/380 4.3:1
OFC40L 5 40/365 4.3:1
OFC16H 5 20/350 6.2:1
OFC20H 5 20/380 6.2:1
OFC40H 5 40/365 6.2:1


Fin-Not MegaLite




Fin-Nor MegaLite: Last year the muscular reels with a durable built were released and this year we get the opposite. The reels are still hardy and designed for high performance but the new MegaLite spinning reels, as the name suggests, is made for light tackle saltwater fishing. The MegaLite features a machined aluminum body and sideplate, MegaLock Magnetic Continuous Anti-Reverse, 6 bearings, cork drag system for its superb smoothness, forged aluminum spool, electrostatic multi-layer coating, and a machined aluminum handle. The reels come in great sizes for inshore fishing. The Fin-Nor MegaLite will be available in November 2007 and depending on size will retailing for $149, $159, or $169.




Fin-Nor MegaLite

Model Bearings Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
ML2000 6 6/140 5.2:1
ML3000 6 8/160 5.2:1
ML4000 6 10/230 5.2:1


Fin-Nor Santiago: Here's a sneak peek of a new prototype Fin-Nor big game conventional reel. This reel is made and only made to battle against the toughest out there. Fin-Nor wasn't quite ready to give us the details yet but from our first impressions today the Santiago reel is pretty buff and we are looking forward to seeing the true specifications and performance.


What's this? It's the prototype Fin-Nor Santiago







Van Staal - VSB Titanium Bail Spinning Reel: IN 2006 we reviewed the VSB 100 size and though it was great for its intended size we were wishing that Van Staal would come out with larger models with the bail system. Well, here we are at ICAST 2007 and as we walked up to the Van Staal booth and asked to see what's new, Craig Cantelmo of Van Staal pulled out two new sizes with the Titanium bail system.  Both the VSB 200 and 250 will have a hefty drag force of 42 pounds of pressure, whereas the smaller versions had 28 and 32 pounds of pressure. Design and feature wise they are the same as the smaller reels. Available in November 2007 we will have the VSB 200 and 250 size reels that will retail for $799 and $829.


Here's a photo of the VSB 250, 200, 150, and 100 (from left to right)



 The new size (left) and the old side (right)


Craig and Allan shows us the new Van Staal reels

Zebco - Hawg Seeker: "New. Big. LOUD," was what these new reels were all about. The new Zebco Hawg Seeker signals bites with sight AND sound! This reel was designed for catfish anglers with the BiteAlert system. When the fish pulls on the line it will trigger the sensor which then signals with sound and blinking red lights. The bite sensitivity level on the spincast and spinning reels can be adjusted throughout a good range of settings. It's not just for the pulling force of the fish but for water current and wind. The Hawg Seeker spinning reels will run for around $29 while a combo will be around $39.





The spincast version. Notice the sensitivity adjustment


Spinning version of the Hawg Seeker also features the BiteAlert sensitivity adjustment


Also new for this year, is Zebco's Youth Series of downsized combinations built for kids. The grips, reel sizes, rod lengths and all have been appropriately sized and decorated so that kids of all ages can enjoy tackle that was designed for their hands and graduating abilities. That's right, there is the v1.0 series for kids 6 to 10 years old, and then the v2.0 series designed for kids from 9 to 14. Serious tackle for kids that are serious about their fishing.



V1.0 reels are for ages 6-10


V1.0 reels are orange and come in spincast and spinning




V2.0 is designed for more advanced young anglers, thus this baitcast combo



V2.0 combos have green colored reels to differentiate from V1.0



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