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TackleTour Holiday Gift Guide 2010 Part 2 - Lures and Accessories for both the Naughty and Nice (continued)

Enthusiast Lure (Evergreen Wild Hunch): Still not quite available in large quantities in the United States, Evergreen International’s Wild Hunch is a hugely popular bait amongst crank throwing enthusiasts. Don’t worry about the color or pattern, if you manage to dig up a few of these baits for that enthusiastic cranker on your Christmas list, they’re sure to respond accordingly because they are just that difficult to find, but a good place to start is Japan Pro fishing.

Hard to find but a real catch for enthusiast anglers the Evergreen Wild Hunch is a popular JDM crank 

Saltwater Lure (Shimano Waxwing lures): Shimano may be a reel and rod company first and foremost but their ever increasing line of lures continues to gain momentum and why not? Shimano just makes it easy with a complete system designed to not only outfit but teach anglers how to fish these lures utilizing new techniques. The latest new bait is the very entertaining to retrieve Waxwing Jigs.

Shimano's Waxwing lures are both entertaining to fish and deadly effective 

These subsurface jigs swim with a unique zig-zag action thanks to wings above and below the jigs head and upward facing hooks to reduce snagging on vegetation. These new lures put a new spin on jig fishing and are great for targeting predatory species that like to pursue baitfish. They are available in 3.5" and 4.65" sizes and retail for $17.99 and $19.99 accordingly.

A trio of premium lines to select from this season

Braided Line (Sufix 832): There’s been a huge trend recently towards superlines. Using braided or fused lines allows you to put more line on your reel and, if fishing a tight line, feel more bites. It’s that simple, and so has the technology been behind braided lines. Up until now manufacturers had simply made use of either spectra or dyneema material with between four to eight carriers, spooled up and there you have it. This year, Sufix got a little more technical blending a mysterious Gore Manufacturing thread into the line to improve abrasion and impact resistance and so far, results seem to indicate their new 832 line is a huge success. Price right around $20 for a 150 yard spool, 832 is also relatively affordable and an easy pick for our Holiday Gift Guide this year. You can find this and other Sufix lines at Hi's Tackle Box.  

Fluorocarbon (Seaguar Tatsu): The one disadvantage to superlines? Visibility. If you or your prey are line shy, there’s no substitute for fluorocarbon lines. Our recent move into a new lab has severely delayed our fluorocarbon showdown update, but if you want to fast forward through the story, our current pick for a quality fluorocarbon line is Seaguar’s Tatsu. Rumored to be a direct import from Japan but relabeled for the US Market, this line has performed flawlessly for us over the last year and a half. Like any quality fluorocarbon, Tatsu doesn’t come cheap, but we don’t believe in skimping in our line. Tatsu is available now at Hi's Tackle Box.

Monofilament (Sunline Super Natural): Not sold on the latest and greatest fishing line technology? Believe it or not there is such a thing as quality nylon monofilament. Toray proved that to us with their Defier line and now Sunline has a new nylon monofilament poised to make some noise. Super Natural has been available for a little over a year now from Sunline and while we’ve yet to try it, word we get out on the water is this stuff is for real. You can bet it’s on our list for product to try out in 2011. Priced at just under $20 for a 660 yard spool, it’s a little pricey by nylon line standards, but if you’ve been fishing superlines and fluoro, Super Natural is a relative bargain and unlike Toray’s Defier, Super Natural is available in clear. Sunline can also be found at Hi's Tackle Box.

A ring for tying those connection knots

Tools: (Daiichi-Seiko Finger Savers): If you or your fishing buddy are one of those who like to use braid as your main line and tie some type of leader for more transparency and better abrasion resistance, Daiichi-Seiko’s Finger Savers are a must have. These little tools not only help you tie a tighter knot, but they help you cinch it down smaller than you can without amputating the tips of your fingers. Smaller leader knots mean less noise casting through your guides, and if you’re lucky, you can even tie a knot that will sail through your micro guides. This tool is available now at Hi's Tackle Box


The Whisper Creek GLX rods are designed for the must subtle fly presentations in small streams


Fly Rod (G.Loomis Whisper Creek GLX): Looking for an ultralight fly rod that is designed to cast the smallest flies in small streams when distance is not as critical as accuracy? The WhisperCreek GLX rods are extremely responsive rods that cast light flies without having to make a lot of false casts, this makes it possible to target fish in very tight spaces in places where longer rods simply cannot go. Featuring a fine diameter tip these rods load easily for the most delicate presentations. There are a total of seven rods available in lengths ranging from 7'9" to 9' and they come in 3 to 4 pieces making them easy to pack and travel with. The Whisper Creek GLX fly rods retail for $610-$655 dollars and are available at Monster Fishing Tackle.


Abel's newest fly reel makes it easy to switch spools on the fly


Fly Reel (Abel Super Series QC): Abel's newest reel is also their easiest to use when it comes to spool changes. The "QC" in the name of this reel stands for "quick change" and the reel features a new design that allows anglers to back off the drag knob, push and rotate the center cap and pull the spool right off. The Super Series QC reels make use of aerospace grade aluminum for the frame and spool and a cork drag system that is made in Abel's own factory. The QC reels are available in three sizes 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 and cost $625-$875 dollars depending on size and model. When it comes to a high end fly reel Abel's new Super Series QC is the definition of "premium," and is the kind of gift you can pass from one generation to the next like a heirloom watch.


Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoody is great fro fly and conventional anglers alike 


Fly Apparel (Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoody): Simms makes some of the best waders on the market but they also have a complete line of technical outwear that is designed for everything from fishing to a night at the ball game. The Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoody jacket is a soft yet durable rugged stretch nylon shell with a soft and very warm microcheck backer. This jacket features an adjustable storm hood that is designed to fit around a cap or visor. We found this jacket to be great for both fly fishing and bass fishing as it is comfortable to cast in and also features Gore Wind Stopper technology to shield anglers from the wind. Available in both coal and black this technical hoody retails for $219.95.


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