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Lure Review

Falcon Lures Big Eyez Paddletail Swims True


Date: 4/5/09
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Falcon Lures
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 7.75 -


Introduction: Falcon Lures has built up a reputation for quality hooks and jigheads and they now join the crowded swimbait market with the Big Eyez swimbait which is designed to offer superior swimming action over other boot tail style swimbaits. We put the lure to the test targeting a variety of different species.

Falcon Big Eyez Specifications

Type Softbody Swimbait
Depth Any
Class Paddletail
Size 4", 5"
Colors/Patterns Rainbow trout, pear, pearl/blue, silver shiner, Tenn. Shad, baby bass, pearl/chart, watermelon, watermelon/red, gold shiner, ayu, blue shiner 
MSRP $6.97

Falcon lures has paddletail type swimbaits in a large variety of patterns


Impressions: There are a lot of paddle tail baits out there, so many that it can be hard to distinguish what sets one from another. When anglers say the name “Falcon” the first thing that usually comes to mind is the rod company, but savvy anglers will also know of Falcon Lure Company based in Lafayette, LA, which is best known for their jigheads and weighted hooks. The company also offers a line jigs of “Big Eyez” baits which include spinnerbaits and swimbaits. As you can probably guess the Big Eyez swimbaits have large round eyes set into the front of the bait. The lure is pretty similar in profile to most paddletails, and has a protruding belly.


Falcon's Big Eyez swimbaits are available in 4" and 5" sizes and come in packs of 4

Look closer and there are a couple of interesting attributes that are designed with pure functionality in mind. Unlike many other paddletails the back of the bait is totally flat, this allows the hookpoint to rest naturally on top when rigged. There is also a hook slot in between the belly of the bait where weighted hooks have room to rest right alongside the profile of the belly of the bait.

The rainbow trout pattern, each lure features the same scale pattern and profile in different colors

The Big Eyez come in packs of four in both 4” and 5” sizes and are available in a wide range of patterns including Pearl, Tennessee Shad, Baby Bass, Rainbow Trout, and Gold and Blue Shiner just to name a few. The company offers a number of weighted hooks that are designed to pair perfectly with this bait, and are sold separately.

The tail is designed to kick at any speed

The patterns on these lures are basic pours, there isn’t any painting here, and the mold also gives the lure its profile and adds a gill and scale pattern to the bait. The lure doesn’t win any beauty contests, and there are certainly more realistic looking paddletail baits on the market. Still, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the most important thing was weather fish would be attracted to the bait….it was time to find out.

Falcon designed the swimbaits specifically for their own Bait jerker Hooks 

Real World Tests: To test the Falcon Big Eyez swimbait we head to the California Delta to target both largemouth bass and striped bass. To mix it up at the end of our two month long test we also fished for spotted bass at Lake Comanche to see how they would react to the big eyed bait.

The hooks are weighted with lead and use 4/0 or 5/0 EWG or Superline Gamakatsu points

Casting: Rigging the Big Eyez swimbait with Falcon’s own Bait Jerker or Swimbait weighted hooks is a piece of cake. For this particular bait while both hook styles can be used the bait jerker is really preferable as the design allows the hookpoint to penetrate into the fish’s mouth easier upon strikes.

A slit in the belly provides room for the weighted hook

We rigged the baits with Falcon’s own 4/0 and 5/0 hooks in ¼ oz. weight and found that the baits were extremely easy to cast on most heavy casting rods and the lightest swimbait sticks. When it came time to set the hook the swimbait sticks with all their power and backbone were our preferred choice. With 1/4oz. Falcon weighted hooks the Big Eyez were easy to cast and sink at a pretty even rate.

Rigged and ready to fish

Next Section: The Big Eyez runs true, and catches fish too









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