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Watercraft/Vehicle Accessory Review

Lock it Down with Durasafe’s Codeable BOLT System


Date: 2/13/13
Tackle type: Watercraft/Vehicle Accessory
Manufacturer: DuraSafe
Reviewer: Zander


Total Score: 8.66 - EDITOR'S CHOICE!

DuraSafe is probably not a brand that anglers typically associate on a daily basis with fishing but for many watercraft owners this company makes the one piece of kit that they use each and every time they tow their boat. This family owned company has continued to gain popularity since 2003, making an assortment of locks and towing devices designed to solve challenges and make it faster and more enjoyable for customers to experience the outdoor sports they love. One of their signature products are the innovative BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) locks which we take a closer look at in this review.   


DuraSafe BOLT Receiver Lock Specifications

Material Solid zinc core automotive grade cylinder with a stainless steel weather resistant shutter
Sizes 5/8 (class III and IV) and ˝” (class II) varieties
Colors One (Black and Red)
Features Codeable locks, rugged construction, 6-plate tumbler sidebar for security
Origin Made in the USA
MSRP $36.99 (as reference the BOLT padlock is $27.99)

Impressions: Two years ago we reviewed DuraSafe’s Coupler Connect trailer accessory and found the product to be both innovative and easy to deploy. That product basically addressed the common problem of how to safely and easily back up your truck into position under your trailer hitch and provide and an extra failsafe for loose trailers and safer overall towing, as well as some extra security. Addressing everyday challenges like this are what Durasafe is all about, and with the BOLT lock series they offer yet another solution to a common problem, this time with an assortment of codeable locks.

DuraSafe offers a wide range of locks under their innovative BOLT Series

If you own a boat you probably have a keychain chock full of keys which is not only cumbersome to carry around all day but can be annoying when you need that one key early in the morning or after dark to unlock your trailer or change out your hitch accessories. Durasafe’s BOLT series offers a complete range of locks including receiver locks, swing away trailer tongue locks, cable locks and good old fashioned padlocks, and they are all designed all be opened by a single key, your own car key. DuraSafe BOLT locks are described by the company as the “World’s First Codeable Locks,” and are specifically programmed to match vehicle keys.

So just what makes these locks so innovative? How about the fact they can be coded to your own vehicle key

In terms of styling the BOLT locks are very identifiable and feature a black and red motif that is in keeping with the company’s bold logo design. These locks are larger than traditional locks dimensionally but do feel more rugged thanks to a rubber outer layer that surround the entire locking mechanism. For our first look at the DuraSafe BOLT Series we survey both the codeable receiver and padlock products, both of which are likely to be used by both watercraft owners and outdoor enthusiasts.  The receiver locks are available in both 5/8 (class III and IV) and ˝” (class II) varieties to address general towing or holding accessories like equipment racks.

The BOLT receiver lock comes sealed and is ready to be coded

Real World Tests: To test the BOLT Series we received two locks directly from Durasafe which we coded with a Ford dummy key and procured another four from Tackle Warehouse which we employed on a Jeep Rubicon for holding accessories like steps and tow hooks as well as on my primary tow vehicle, a Ford F150 Raptor. The tests covered everything from the initial coding of the locks to weather stress tests and also encompassed normal use over two complete seasons.  

Coding the lock is as easy as inserting your key and rotating

Operation: Once you buy the lock that is designed for your vehicle make the programming of the lock is as easy as turning the key. Each lock ships with a rubber gasket over the shutter. Simply peel this off and insert your key and turn. Inside the automotive grade lock cylinder are spring loaded plate tumblers that will move until they perfectly align to your inserted key. As you rotate your key the code bar will press on the tumblers which will permanently match to your key. Note that this coding is permanent and the minute you key that lock it is matched for life, and cannot be reset. This six plate tumbler is designed to be very secure and nearly impossible to lockpick, and as we don’t have any professional lockpickers on staff we just had to take the company’s word on this one.

The BOLT lock is now ready to use and you don't need to carry an extra key

The shutter on both the receiver lock and padlock are designed to be weather resistant and slide to the closed position the second the key is removed. The receiver lock is cylindrical in shape and has an extra rubber cap attached which provides yet another layer of protection from the elements. To really stress these locks and simulate long term abuse we torture tested the locks and did everything from drop these locks three stories, bury them in sand and even submerged and froze them. Through it all the BOLT locks shrugged all the abuse without breaking a sweat and continued to perform perfectly.

We dropped this lock from a two story building, buried it in sand and even submerged and froze it


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