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Reel Review

Daiwa’s Zillion Type-R, Rev up to High Speed (continued)

Real World Test: We have pitted previous Zillion reels against Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Stripers but we had something special in store for the Type-R. After fishing with the Type-R for bass on both Clear Lake and the Delta I re-spooled the reel with 65lb. test and packed it into my luggage for the Amazon. I was very eager to see just how this new Zillion would hold up to the raw power of Peacock Bass.  

For our tests we paired the Type-R with a variety of rods and used it for everything from pitching to fishing fast moving reaction baits

Casting: The Type-R makes use of Daiwa’s Magforce-Z cast control system which applies magnetic braking to the reel’s free floating spool to help ward off backlashes. This system works well and the Type-R features a wide rage of settings making it possible to cast everything from weightless rigged plastics to massive swimbaits.

The reel features extra porting on top for weight reduction

The Type-R was absolutely great in the Delta where I found pitching jigs and punching rigs into the vegetation was easy armed with this competent baitcaster. In the Amazon the Type-R was easily among our top performers when it came to long distance casting of both jigs and topwater prop style baits. The ability to cast these lures with pinpoint precision meant more strikes and more fish.

The Magforce-Z cast control system is externally adjustable

Retrieving: Shifting gears we take a closer look at the Type-R’s brisk retrieve. The fast 7.3:1 gear ratio makes this a great reel for any high speed applications whether that is ripping a Woodchopper across the surface or pulling a punch fish out of the weedmat. The Type-R is definitely the smoothest Zillion I have fished yet and felt extremely smooth thanks to high quality gears and premium stainless steel bearings throughout.

Time to see what this reel can really do. Day 1 on the Amazon!

Like a tuned care with the engine mapped and components further refined the gears on the Type-R have been precision cut at an angle o provide even smoother winding. There is absolutely no backplay in this reel and each turn of the handle crank translates into instant winding power. The gearing is held in place with the Type-R’s rigid aluminum frame and handle-side sideplate and the response on the Type-R reel is almost up to par with the ultra refined Steez reels.

The Type-R is spooled up and ready for battle with some Peacocks

Rev it up and the really crank quickly on the Type-R and you can wind back line at blistering speeds. This is not only good for bringing lures back through dead water but also exceptional for keeping pace with hard running species like Peacocks. We quickly found that slower reels could not keep up with these powerful fish and a slack line often meant the Peacocks could jump out of the water and shake the lure or the fish would turn and dive straight into cover where the lure could hang up on the tree and also come loose. The Type-R was one of the few reels that could keep pace with these hard fighters.

A look from the top

Next Section: We need more stopping power!










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