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Reel Review

Daiwa’s Pluton can be described with one word…. Solid (continued)

Retrieve cont'd: Though solid as a tank the Pluton doesn’t handle like a big bulky machine, it does however react like a sophisticated sports car and each crank of the 90mm (center to center) handle is self-assured and the reel responds with profuse amounts of torque. When fishing both mono and braided line the reel left us with a very connected feeling with both with lures in tow and while fighting fish. During the field tests we hauled up a number of big rock cod from below with ease, and when fishing for bass we got into plenty of schoolie stripers weighing in at 3-4lbs each and the Pluton simply manhandled them into the boat.

The working side of the reel features an angular frame to fit the oversized gearing


Drag: We tested the drag on the first 200H model we took apart and in our lab the reel delivered 13.9lbs of drag counter pressure, not a whole lot for a reel designed to tackle big game, but we did note that the drag was exceptionally smooth and we could not get the drag to stutter even when fully buckled down. We also tested the reel we ordered and it measured out at 13.86lbs of drag counter pressure which is almost identical. The Pluton’s drag stack is a wet design with both fiber composite discs and steel washers sandwiched together with ample lubricant. Adjustments are made with a clicking drag star, in fact all knobs on the Pluton feature audible adjustment. 


The Pluton holds a reasonable amount of mono and a good amount of braid

During our field tests the biggest fish that we could get into were 25 inch stripers and none of them really were able to get close to the upper limit of the Pluton’s drag capabilities. When fishing with light lines for big fish it makes sense that the drag not be overwhelmingly brawny but rather the emphasis should be on a quality smooth and consistent drag to protect those lighter lines.

With plenty of torque the Pluton makes short work of hauling rockfish like Cabazon

Nonetheless with a reel of this size and weight we hoped for more sheer stopping power. In comparison the Shimano 200 Calcutta GT TE delivers 11.4lbs, so the Pluton 200H actually beats the Calcutta while the high speed 200SH.Pluton coughs up .4lbs less pressure than the similarly sized Calcutta TE.

A swept handle is designed to reduce wobble, while we don't have much trouble with wobble on standard straight handles the handle does look cool 

Ergonomics: Thus far the Pluton has just about met or exceeded expectations in every category. The reel is a superb caster, a super solid reel during retrieves, and delivers decent drag performance. It is only in the ergonomics category that the Pluton shows a chink in the armor. The Pluton feels solid but some anglers will also interpret that as being overly heavy, and heavy is indeed what the Pluton is, weighing in at 12.5oz. with the 200H and .2oz.more for the larger geared 200SH.

Cal found the Pluton to be a great pairing with the new mattlures swimbait rods in both balance and aesthetics

Next Section: Ergonomics, Price and the Verdict...










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