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Lure Review

Daiwa goes after classic cranks with the amusingly named Peanut


Date: 9/19/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.16

Classic cranks make use of a recognizable profile and feature a rather tight wobble and are usually shallow divers. What makes Daiwa think that it can compete in one of the most congested niches in the lure market? We find out if they can as we pit the amusingly named Daiwa Peanut against aggressive spotted bass. 

Diawa Peanut Specifications

Type Crankbait
Size 2 inches
Colors/Patterns 10 available
Weight 5/16oz
Diving depth 3 and 5 feet depending lip
MSRP $4.99

Daiwa has making headway into the premium lure market with their Team Daiwa offerings, and we have seen a number of quality lures that can hold their own with some of the best. Problem is that the lure market is so saturated that many e-tailers and retail stores simply didn’t have the room, or were unwilling to slot another make in between established Japanese brands like Yozuri and Lucky Craft.


Meet the Daiwa Peanut, a new affordable lure with a traditional look and feel


Daiwa remains committed to their premium lures and continues to expand their lineup, but at the same time has introduced many new more affordably price mainstream baits simply branded “Daiwa” lures. The flagship of these lures is the innovative “Dead or Alive,” but there are many offerings that are designed to go head to head with conventional lures. The Peanut is one such lure.



The Peanut comes in recognizable proven patterns


This crankbait immediately looks recognizable and it would be easy to mistake it for a Manns or a Norman both in profile and pattern. Nothing truly innovative here, the Peanut is presented as just another choice for anglers. The Peanut makes use of a classic crankbait floating design, and is available with two different lips which allow it to dive to 3 or 5 feet.


A look at the underside


Real World Test: To test the Daiwa Peanut we headed East to find some spotted bass who would eagerly volunteer to test the Peanut’s effectiveness and durability. Spotted bass are quality fighters, and pound for pound easily outfight traditional largemouth. Their mouths are smaller than largemouths and are right in between large and smallmouth in diameter. For this reason the smaller Peanut would be a good choice when targeting the fish in shallow to medium depths.


The Peanut comes with a short bill that makes the lure dive down 3 feet


Casting: Both the shallow and deeper diving Peanut models weigh in at 5/16oz and make use of #8 hooks. The lures have rattles inside but not a casting system explicitly designed for long distance casts. The lures cast easily and really are more designed for cranking alongside structure than deep water cranking anyways. In terms of casting there really wasn’t much to report, as the lure cast similarly to competing offerings, no better, no worse.


A longer lip on a second version drives the lure down 5 feet


Retrieving: The short billed Peanut looks like a wood hungry lure, and tossed against stumps and into tree graveyards I was pleased with how well the lure bounced off even nasty structure. The longer billed model is best used over weedbeds where it won’t come in contact with vertical structure.


The fire tiger pattern was my favorite and the only one with a matte finish


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