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Casting: The BRSC-64L handles wonderfully with the Shimano Conquest 51s with baits anywhere from roughly one eighth (1/8th) of an ounce to about three eighths (3/8ths) of an ounce. I felt it a bit overloaded casting the half (1/2) ounce Megabass Vision 110.  

Interesting that the Burroughs rods do not have exposed blank reel seats given their popularity in today's rod market - we've noted no loss in sensitivity with these style reel seats.

The BRSC-70MG on the other hand is perfectly comfortable with baits through its rated range with the sweet spot being half ounce baits like the Lucky Craft BDS3. Matched with the new Chronarch D, the BDS3 flies off this rod both accurately and with distance.

As is tradition with the high end JDM sticks, the Burroughs line all come with Fuji titanium framed SiC guides.


Sensitivity: As one might expect sensitivity with the BRSC-64L is very good. It's just hard to be a light powered graphite stick for sensitivity although I did feel the Megabass F3.5 65GTC was better in this regard even though it is a slightly more powerful stick.

The BRSC-64L benefits from the eccentric spiral wrap.

The BRSC-70MG fishes like a typical glass rod - big on the forgiving blank, small on sensitivity. I fished this rod primarily with Toray's new eight strand Bawo SuperBraid (22lb) spooled on a Conquest 51, but when I started to have breakage issues with this small diameter braid, I switched reels to a Shimano Chronarch D7 spooled with Sunline's Machine Gun Cast.

Dragging shakey head rigged Roboworms.

Though I couldn't feel as much with this rather dense monofilament, what I missed in sensitivity, I gained in hookups and fish in the boat as the BRSC-70MG afforded me excellent hook up percentages.

Shimano's Conquest line of reels are a perfect match for this series of rods...

Power: The BRSC-64L is every bit the light powered rod is rated to be and with that comes the fun factor in battling just about any sized fish you catch. Trout are especially fun on this stick as they run, jump, and spin like mad when hooked. Important to note is though, once your catch works its way past the soft tip of the 64L, the backbone sets up relatively quickly and is surprisingly strong for a light powered rod.

...especially when spooled with Sunline's Machine Gun Cast line!

The BRSC-70MG is the polar opposite of its lighter powered sibling in that it has power to spare. Though the RoD curves of these two sticks meet up at the higher load ranges, once again, we are seeing the difference between how graphite and fiberglass tests out on the lab versus how they actually behave out on the water.

The BRSC-70MG comes with a conventional, guides on top wrap.

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