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Fishing through the algae bloom at Clear Lake with Hi’s Tackle (continued)

Our first impression was that there was definitely more algae in the entire lake than we had seen before and the normally clear water was chock full of green bits of algae while some areas had thick slicks where the wind had pushed the floating algae against the shoreline. The main lake main lake was green in color and visibility was down to just a few feet versus the very clear water that can be found in Clear Lake during the winter months. The conditions while not ideal seemed fishable the further we got away from the shore, so rock piles are definitely in play.

Jonah fishes frogs over the algae while Cal (far left) switches to buzzbaits

We decided to start off near Rattlesnake and try our luck with a few frogs near the tulles. When we arrived at the island both Jonah and I pulled out frogs with braided line and started pitching near the edge where we could hear and see fish splashing about and moving the tulles. When the frogs landed just inches from the tulle line they plopped right on top of the algae matte, as we retrieved them back towards the boat they just bounced on the surface, the algae was too thick for the frogs to penetrate “So much for frog fishing,” I said “this is definitely the worst algae bloom I’ve seen since I’ve been fishing the lake.” Jonah responded that he had seen the algae blooms like this in the past and with that lifted the trolling motor and head to the far bank. It was clear we would have to make adjustments to catch any fish today.

Buzzbaits cut trails through the algae

On the opposite bank the algae was not as thick on top but there were slicks of algae, but at least our lures could break through. “It looks like we are fishing in pea soup,” I said. I fished crankbaits while Jonah worked the frog. The crankbaits would come out of the water clean as the algae didn’t stick on the lure itself, but it did cling to the line and would spray the reel with a good spattering of what looked like green paste.

Zander pulls a bass out of the pea soup

Meanwhile Cal on the other boat decided to have a little fun and tied on a buzzbait to see if the more boisterous lure could entice a fish to strike. Cal waited until Jonah had his frog halfway back to the boat and cast right over the area he just finished working just to mess with him. Not more than a few squeaks of the quad blades later did a three pound bass explode through the algae and strike the buzzbait! “Oh I see how it is, we have a poacher over here,” Jonah joked.

Looks like were going to have to wash some gear after this trip

A few casts later another even bigger bass jumped out of the algae next to the buzzbait but missed it entirely. Even though fish were able to see and hear the buzzbait it seemed like the algae was making it difficult for them to key in properly on the lure. “I think we have a better shot at getting them suspended or on the bottom with plastics,” Jonah said. He proceeded to rig up a weightless senko while I tied on a drop shot rig.

Jonah and Scott cross the lake to get to rockpiles

After we retied we head to the other side of the lake to try and find clearer water. It didn’t take long for us to get a few bites and land a few fish. While Jonah was landing 2-3lb. healthy looking Clear Lake bass I was pulling out dink after dink. We were surprised to see so many small yet mature bass and judging from the huge bait schools we saw cruising the shoreline it is going to be a really good season next year. Still my mind was on right now and I wanted to catch some bigger fish so our next move was to the rock piles.

Jonah adapts and switches to a jig and gets to "strolling"

Cranking rockpiles and strolling gets the fish!










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