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Lure Review

Concealed weapons courtesy of the CL8 Bait 9Ē Swimbait (continued)

Everything now seen in the final bait from the eyes, dots, fins, hooks, material, and design is a result of extensive research and development in trout stocked lakes in southern California. Clayton could have launched his bait 3 years ago, but decided to wait until the bait was truly ready for primetime. After talking to Clayton it was obvious that he  takes a lot of pride in making the CL8 bait durable, realistic, and ready to fish right out of the package... which is also why he only uses top of the line Gamakatsu hooks and an incorporated a stinger hook to reduce short strikes.

At the rear of the bait there is a hidden hook recessed and held in place with a magnet

Upon initial inspection the CL8 bait doesnít look like other swimbaits and features a four piece design with a flat tail molded seamlessly into the forth segment of the body. There is only one profile that most resembles a trout or a shad and this body is painted in various patterns including, Light and Dark Trout, Baby Bass, Hitch and Chartreuse Shad.

The Baby Bass finish is painted on the same profile as the trout bait

There are no traditional treble hooks hanging underneath the body of this swimbait, instead all hooks run parallel to the body and are held in place with magnets. An oversized pair of eyes are found on the head of each bait, and there are three different rates of fall available including, floating, slow sink, and fast sink. These weight 4.4oz, 4.7oz, and 5.2oz. respectively. For added realism and to improve the tracking of the bait when swimming each lure has five rubber fins that match the tail.

A closer look at the bass pattern, notice the detailed scale design

Real World Test: We were eager to see how the CL8 Bait would swim in the water, how bass reacted to it, and whether or not the hidden hook designs really did increase the hook up ratio. To test the CL8 Bait we head first to the California Delta where we targeted both Largemouth and Striped Bass then we head to Clear Lake to target Largemouth in crystal clear water in advance of the spawn.

A rubber tail is seamlessly attached to the forth section of the bait

Casting: The CL8 bait is a rather large swimbait and like other swimbaits of itís size is best fished with a true application specific swimbait rod versus a flipping stick. With a swimbait rod rated at 4oz. and up the CL8 bait is easy to cast with both mono and braided lines. I preferred fishing with 20lb. mono lines for the subsurface models and 30lb. braided line for working the floating models to ensure a quick positive hookset.

The bass version features the same tail shape but is uniquely finished

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