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Event Article

Outdoor Pro Shop's BassJam 2009 (pt. 2) (continued)

Hardcore Bass Fishing: The folks at Hardcore Bass fishing are cranking up the “have fun” index with their unique take on the sport commemorated on series of tshirts, sweatshirts and hats for the avid bass angler. Designed by Bob Hamasaki, inspiration is described as a fusion between punk rock and old school mentality. HCBF’s attire retails from $15 on up to $35.

Hardcore Bass Fishing apparel delivers old school themes with a little punk rock mixed into the fray.

One of the company's signature designs.

Persuader American: Ron Howe was on hand to show us two new topwater baits from Persuader American. The most intriguing of these baits was the new BlackBird Popper. This hand carved, hand painted, wood bait features a very realistic profile right down to fibered wings. The bait comes with Mustad hooks and retails for $15.99.

Persuader American's new wood topwater bait...

... a popping bird.

Also new for the company is their Jumbo Popping Walker. This ¾ once bait is a larger version of the company’s previous popper that features slits in the mouth ala the Megabass PopMax and River2Sea Bubble Popper and retails for $6.69.


Ron Howe of Persuader American Fishing.

Snag Proof: Ish Monroe’s street smart, Phat Frog is finally here. Debuted at ICAST 2009 and released to stores earlier this month, Ish was on hand himself to hand out baits at $10 a pop. It’s certainly far from frog season right now, but despite that, the Phat Frog was selling like hot cakes. The most popular colors? Purple Kush and Bling Bling Shad.

The Phat Frog is here!

Ish reminded us his favorite combo for throwing frogs is the new Daiwa Steez XB frog stick paired with either a 7.1:1 Zillion in mats or a 6.4:1 Zillion in open water all spooled with a new formula, prototype stage, yet to be released Daiwa Samurai braid in 70lb test.

The Bling Bling Shad is already a popular seller...

... and it's not even frog season!

Ish Monroe was on hand to show us his new Phat Frog, now in full distribution.

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