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Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 3 – Lines and Plastics round out the show (continued)


Sunline: Gone are the days when anglers would get sticker shock from premium lines. There are many bassers that swear by high end lines and fluorocarbon has become a mainstay for finesse fishing. Sunline had a number of new products at the show including their "Super Fluorocarbon" which is a reasonably priced fluorocarbon that is designed to offer both strength and sensitivity. Each 200yd spool retails for only $19.99.


Sunline introduces a new affordably priced Fluorocarbon


Perhaps even more exciting was the new "Super Natural" line which is a new monofilament line that is designed to be extremely manageable and durable. We felt this line in our hands and it appeared very supple. The Super Natural is a nylon line that emphasizes balance of straight and knot strength with a moderate amount of stretch to help minimize excessive shock.


The Super Natural is a new monofilament that is designed to be both tough and manageable


Super Natural also features a stable line diameter and a round cross section for low memory that is resistant to kinks and curls. It is available now in both "natural clear" and "jungle green" and retails for $9.99 for each $330 yard spool.


The Super Natural is available in 330yd. spools


Jimmy shows us the two new high performing yet affordable lines


Mc Coy Lines: Japan isn't the only place where quality Fluorocarbon lines come from. McCoy offers U.S. made fluorocarbon lines and new for this season is their Fluro 100. McCoy Fluoro100 100 fluorocarbon Line utilizes a proprietary formula of the purest PVDF fluoropolymer available enhanced with McCoy's Advanced Polymer Coating for maximum abrasion resistance.


Looking for a better drop shot weight?


The final result is a crystal clear line with minimal stretch, exceptional knot strength and virtually no spool memory. Developed to improve on conventional fluorocarbon lines, the McCoy Fluorocarbon 100 also delivers superior sensitivity to feel every bite and UV resistance for greater durability. The line is sold in 250yd. spools and is available in 6-20lb. which retails from $17.99-$26.99 depending on the lb. test.


The slim shot (left) and tear drop (right) are both designed to go through structure without snagging


There are a slew of McCoy lines to choose from including Mean Green co-polymer and Fluro 100


Owner: Owner makes a hook for just about every occasion and you can now have a weighted hook pre-rigged with a blade with the company's new "Flashy Swimmer." This allows anglers to put together a unique setup for rigging soft swimbaits, flukes, and other swimming plastics. The spinner blade is attached to a non-moveable weight that keels a rigged soft plastic perfectly for use as an ideal “search” bait.


The Flashy Swimmer allows anglers to rig swimbaits and flukes with additional flash


In lieu of spinnerbaits or crankbaits, the flashy swimmer can be used as an alternative to cover a lot of water in a short time. A multitude of presentations can be achieved by switching baits and the speed of retrieval. The added weight helps sink or “swim” the rigged bait down into the strike zone, while the blade adds a fish-attracting flash. The wire pivots where attached to the weight, but the design of the molded lead keeps the wire and blade riding horizontal during a steady retrieve. Attached to the wire is a #3 hammered nickel-finished willowleaf blade, rigged with a dual mini swivel. Other features include a TwistLOCK™ “Centering-Pin Spring” (CPS-patent pending) attached to the hook eye, an “open” gap for more positive hook sets, a XX-strong forged shank, Super Needle Point, and black chrome finish. The Flashy Swimmer was being sold for $9.99 per pack of two at the event.  


Dennis Yamamoto shows us the Flashy Swimmer



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