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Finding Treasure in the form of big Lahontan Cutthroat Trout at Pyramid Lake, Nevada (continued)

Targeting Lahontan Cutthroat Trout: There are two ways to fish for Lahontan Cutthroats on Pyramid Lake, anglers can either wade out into the lake from shore or can launch a watercraft, either way anglers need to obtain the right tribal permits at one of the local stores situated around the lake.

Mark and Zander wade into the shallows to get within casting distance of the fish

On this first trip we decided to use conventional gear rather than fly outfits, and rigged up a number of crankbait rods from our rod wars test lineup with spoons and jerkbaits, as well as two swimbait rods to throw big plugs in an attempt to get into some really big fish. Mark had previously fished the lake many times before and our initial plan was to fish an area known as the “Nets,” which is adjacent to the hatchery. Unfortunately, this year the Nets area was closed off until later in the season, so we head to another popular location called Pelican Point.

A specially customized AC Plug for Pyramid Lake Cutthroats

If you haven’t been to Pyramid before this is when it gets surreal, as we rounded the corner and the bay at Pelican Point came into view we could make out what looked a tightly packed line of stick figures out in the water. What looks like a row of figures are actually fly fishermen perched up on ladders and customized platforms. Here fly fishermen will tote ladders out into the lake, plant them into the sand, and stand on them to get a better view of fish cruising by as well as increase casting distance with sinking line. Keeping out of the freezing cold water also helps fishermen stay out longer as they wait for fish.

Zander lands the first fish...

This highly specialized approach to fishing the lake has continually been refined over the years, but there is no doubt that it is effective here at Pyramid where there are long flats transition into sudden drop offs. When we finally arrived at the waters edge it was so packed with both conventional anglers with spinning gear and fly fishermen they were almost were stacked on top of each other. “I’m not feeling this at all,” Mark said “let’s take a look around and make a new game plan.”

....and it is a nice Lahontan hen

Though Cal and I were eager to get our feet wet we decided that it would be best to follow Mark’s lead. After talking to a few anglers who said they had caught zero to one fish over the last four hours we decided to carve out a little area and give it a shot. As we donned our gear a tribal fish and game warden rolled by in his truck and Mark proceeded to walk over to him and initiate a conversation. The officer was very friendly and as Mark walked back to us he said “Ok, guys were going to make a move, a 7lbr was caught in an area nobody is fishing, were going to follow him to the spot,” and just like that we loaded into the truck and made a caravan back to Sutcliffe.

One fish was all it took to get hooked on these beautiful big trout


Next Section: Cal wades out for the big fish 










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