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TackleTour's 2009 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2) (continued)

Enthusiast Reel (mainstream): (Shimano Aldebaran): It’s been a little while since Shimano created a disturbance in the Enthusiast market place, but with the debut of the Aldebaran, this is exactly what they have done. Weighing in at a mere 5.6 ounces and delivering wide ranging, dependable performance, the Aldebaran encapsulates all the fun and allure of the former Scorpion 1000/1001 series in a lighter, more cosmetically conservative package.

Shimano continues to dominate our holiday gift guide with the Aldebaran.

Do you remember your first Scorpion 1000/1001 reel and how amazed you were at that reel’s performance and versatility? The Aldebaran is every bit that reel and more and in a more refined, lightweight magnesium package. The only downside is the reel’s price point, but for the avid Enthusiast on your list, the Aldebaran is one star that belongs on top of their holiday tree. The Aldebaran is available at JapanTackle.com for $389.

Casey demonstrates the importance of color coordination in your "outfit".

Enthusiast Reel (collectors): (Daiwa/Megabass Ito Monoblock Bespoke) The recent partnership between Japanese tackle manufacturing giants Daiwa and Megabass has resulted in quite a few special edition reels, but few seem worthy of any real attention. In fact, one result is really just a refinement of a previous release interpreted into three very cosmetically distinct reels. The limited run Daiwa Ito Monoblock Bespoke reels seem to be nothing more than cosmetically enhanced versions of the original, the 2007 Ito Monoblock, which in turn was a refinement of the Daiwa Millionaire CVZ platform, but they are true sights to behold.

Daiwa and Megabass have been busy again producing special edition reels. The second generation Ito Monoblock reels are a site to behold.

Landing at a very exclusive, not for the faint of heart, price point, the Bespoke are three reels to separate the pretenders from the contenders in the Enthusiast market place. Do you have difficulty deciding between two tempting products? Megabass and Daiwa have decided to up the ante by providing you with three versions of the Bespoke to decide between. It’s certainly easy in TackleTour tradition to encourage the purchase of “both”, but when we’re talking about three reels priced at or near one thousand dollars each, well, how about deciding between two out of the three?

And at nearly one thousand dollars ($1,000), tough to afford.

Either way, even just one of these exclusive reels will brighten any an Enthusiast’s holiday spirit. Do you have an Enthusiast on your list worthy of one or more Bespokes? JapanTackle and Plat both have this limited edition reel in stock now, but act fast supplies are limited!

There are three reels in this collection making it a tougher choice to just "buy them all".


Next Section: Enthusiast rods at both ends of the price range










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