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ProducTTPreview : Got'Em Coach Real Gillz Swimbaits Bring the Detail to Design


Date: 3/3/13
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Got'Em Coach
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Got’Em Coach is a new swimbait manufacturer that is introducing both bluegill and trout swimbaits for big bait anglers looking for a new option in highly realistic lures. First to be revealed are the new 6” Snack Size Real Gillz which are now becoming available in a wide range of patterns. We take a preliminary look at these new-fangled baits as we kickoff our in-depth tests.

Time to preview the new Got'Em Coach Bluegill Swimbaits


This is one of the most realistic looking Bluegill Swimbaits we have seen to date

Does the world really need another swimbait manufacturer? This space went from a niche market to one of the most highly contested segments in the span of just a few seasons. Who could have predicted the big bait craze would reach the proportions it already has, and while there are certainly a lot of existing options there always is room for innovation and Got’Em Coach’s formula is to infuse both a realistic 3D profile with quality finishes and a hydrodynamic design which is supposed to mimic a defensive posture and incite strikes from everything from Bass to Pike.

The joints are even painted for a more solid and realistic look

Only fully bent can you see where the painting in the joints ends

Right out of the package these lures look extremely detailed and the construction also seems very solid. There is plenty of attention to detail here and the first thing we noticed was the interesting joint implementation. Unlike many lures that have a more open joint design the Real Gillz have a very solid hinge that fills the entire length of the connection, this gives the lure a more solid profile. To further add to the genuine appearance each of the joints are even patterned and painted so the transition between the segments is seamless. The baits appear to utilize a combination of a realistic print and painted highlights. 

The Real Gillz come with highly realistic fins...

...and the head is a work of art

Next Section: Initial impressions in the water









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