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Wedgetail puts another winning team together
February 11 2007 10:02pm
Submitted: Cal


Press Release - Wedgetail Ltd, a Stanley company, has put together a winning combination of designers, manufacturers, and marketing experts to bring out the most dynamic series of lures on the market today.

It all started when Ken Chaumont of Wedgtail met with Jerry Rago and Dave Conway at the 2006 ICAST tackle show. "I was extremely impressed with the fantastic lures Jerry was designing.  Jerry wanted to build some baits using our patented Wedgetail design and wanted a licensing deal. We walked around the show and ran across several companies that had knocked off the Wedgetail to build swimbaits.  Jerry pointed out that it was our tail getting all the attention.  At that point Jerry and I agreed it would be better to combine our efforts and work together," says Chaumont. "Jerry admitted that he can only do so much by himself building baits from his shop and was turning down orders." 

Within weeks of the show, Rago presented some of the designs he wanted to build to Ken and the two companies joined forces. Rago and Chaumont needed a manufacturer that truly understood swimbaits and how to build them in high volume without sacrificing quality.  Entered Jason Scott. Castiac brings solid experience to the mix. "It's the most reputable name in the swimbait field," says Chaumont. 

I saw the huge potential using some of my designs and putting the Wedgetail on them.  It's the best tail on any lure I've ever fished.  I'm not a high volume builder and in order to keep up, I knew I needed help.  Ken and I both agreed Castiac could help us," said Rago. 

At that point both Ken and Jerry agreed to approach Jason Scott.  Castiac has the reputation of  building quality lures and would be able to keep up with the demand.  Jason agreed to join the team and bring the name "Built By Castiac" to the table. 

"I think this is a first.  Three lure companies putting their heads together to build the best bait possible.  Jerry is a world class designer and Ken is one of the best when it comes to marketing.  I remember Ken from Rat-L-Trap.  He was a part of that phenomenon.   This is an exciting team and we are going to have a blast building all sorts of new baits with Wedgetail." says Scott. 

Castiac will still market it's own brand of quality lures, but Jason, Jerry and Ken all agree to help each other with promoting and building both companies in the rapidly growing market.   

The new Rago Real Trout will be marketed under an exclusive license and marketing agreement with Wedgetail, LTD.  Plans are in the works for the Rago Real Bream, Rago Real Bass, and Rago Real Shads.  All will incorporate the patented Wedgetail design.  Stanley will be heavily involved in the distribution of all lines. 











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