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Live Eyewear Releases the "Tandem": Live Eyewear introduces the first dual compartment storage case specifically designed for OveRx eyewear
16 2007 6:15pm
Submitted: JIP


San Luis Obispo, CA. The world’s leading manufacturer of OveRx® sunglasses receives thousands upon thousands of consumer comments and suggestions regarding their eyewear collections and accessories. The company closely monitors this feedback through its customer care center and incorporates them as a key element in refining existing product lines and developing new concepts for outdoor enthusiasts.


Live Eyewear President, Kieran Hardy, explains, “Our customer service team and specialty retailers talk to a lot of people who wear prescription glasses and use OveRx sunwear. One of their most common complaints had nothing to do with the comfort or function of their OveRx sunglasses… it had to do with storing their OveRx sunwear and prescription glasses safely while working, playing, or competing in harsh outdoor elements.”


“As with many other items we use everyday, people have a tendency to misplace their eyewear or become careless with the storage of their eyewear and end up losing or damaging it. Most people become frustrated with having to carry multiple cases, cleaning cloths, etc., and eventually stop using them due to the hassle. We began to ask how we could solve this problem and the resounding answer was to provide an “all in one” case that could protect their delicate prescription glasses and simultaneously store their OveRx sunglasses and/or other valuables”, continued Hardy.


The patented Tandem design features two separate compartments, one incorporates an internal hard shell compartment for protecting Rx frames, and on the reverse side is an oversized soft compartment for storing OveRx sunglasses. The case is manufactured out of durable neoprene and includes a belt clip and swivel D-ring clip that can be secured to belt loops, key rings, and other hooks. The Tandem case will also float while fully loaded with eyewear, OveRx sunglasses, and other valuables to help protect your possessions if they end up overboard.


Vice President of Marketing, Dave Dean, adds, “The response to Tandem’s initial release from our specialty retailers and consumers has been extremely positive. Not only is the Tandem an accessory for those that wear prescription eyewear and OveRx sunglasses, but we have also found that many people are using the oversized storage compartment for other items, such as spare change, cell phones, car/boat keys, ammunition, fishing lures, golf tees and other valuables, making it a great multi-purpose case for anyone that wears corrective eyewear.”


Tandem is available directly from Live Eyewear with an MSRP of $9.95.











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