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Line Review

Sufix Tritanium Plus, an advanced copolymer line with super anti-abrasion characteristics

Date: 7/31/03
Tackle type: Line
Manufacturer: Sufix
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.7

Introduction: While standard monofilament lines are great for multipurpose use, they do lack some of the advanced features of today's new superlines. Through the process of copolymerization Sufix has produced a super abrasion resistant fishing line that performs well above expectations in specific techniques.


Sufix Tritanium Plus Specifications

Line type Copolymer
Colors Clear, dark green, gold, and orange
Line weights 6-100 lb
Weight Tested 8, 12, and 20 lbs
MSRP $6.99-8.99 (20lb - 300yds)

Impressions: Like any other fishing tackle, fishing lines are becoming more advanced through the application of different manufacturing processes to enhance and mix different materials to formulate copolymer/hybrid lines. At the beginning of the year we looked at the Sufix DNA line that was extremely limp and cast very well. Now we are back to examine another offering by Sufix, a company that has a great deal of experience in producing fine products in fishing, racquet strings, and more.


The Sufix Tritanium Plus is an advanced anti-abrasion copolymer fishing line that exhibits a tough core and a smooth outer layer. The Tritanium Plus isn't nearly as limp as the DNA, simply because Sufix designed this line to have one primary characteristic that really shines, to be superior in abrasion resistance.


Sufix Tritanium Plus is an advanced anti-abrasion copolymer fishing line that's great for specific fishing techniques


Complete Rig for Tritanium Plus

Rod Quantum Tour Edition PT (PTC666F)
Reel Daiwa TD-X 100HSD
Line 20 lb. Sufix Tritanium Plus


Field Tests: Even though the Sufix Tritanium Plus is better at one application than another, we opted to test it for all purposes, then highlight the techniques where this highly anti-abrasion line performs at its peak.


Knot Strength: While in the field fishing for multiple species of fish, knot strength of this somewhat stiff line wasn't much of a problem even with the simplest knots like the uni knot. Pulling fish through heavy weed beds, trying to un-snag lures, and even muscling hard running fish, not once did we experience any knot slippage nor did the line ever snap at the knot.


Abrasion Resistance: This is the category where the Tritanium Plus truly shines. This line was specifically designed to withstand wear and tear caused by friction. Fishing for largemouth bass, stripers, and albacore, fish would often take your line all around the edges of your boat. The Tritanium Plus would rub against the side of the boat, across the propellers, through structure, and of course face some micro edged teeth. The abrasion resistance of this advanced copolymer line is great no matter what your fishing situation is.


Having good knot strength and being super abrasion resistant, Tritanium Plus is one tough fishing line


Casting: Unlike the Sufix DNA that is limp and casts easily, the Tritanium doesn't do as well in this category. That's because the line was designed to perform well in another area that somewhat affects casting. But that's not to say the Tritanium Plus doesn't cast well. It still does! Sufix applies an outer agent on the surface of the line to help it flow smoothly off the spool and through the guides. If you're not used to casting a line like this, then you will have to take some adjusting to cast the Tritanium Plus well. After some practice and adjustments to the cast control system on the reel, you will be able cast with no problems. Similar to other copolymer lines, the Tritanium Plus is more stiff unlike, very unlike the extra-limp Sufix DNA. With a little patience and exra thumb control you will be able to master casting the Tritanium Plus in a short amount of time.


Application: Fishing lines have become more technique specific, especially with the introduction of new materials, different processes of forming line, and the copolymerization of bonding two materials creating a more superior product. While monofilaments and other extra-limp lines are great for casting, they lack in other areas. The Sufix Tritanium Plus can be used as a general purpose line, but there are some applications where it excels.


A California Delta largemouth bass takes the weedless frog while pitching into the weed beds.  Dragging the fish out of the cover with the Tritanium Plus was easy


For freshwater use the Tritanium's super anti-abrasion line is great for different applications. In heavy cover where you're more likely to run your lure and line though structure of all different types, the Tritanium Plus does a superb job here. The advanced copolymer line is tough enough to chafe against most rough surfaces and not take any damage.  A very good line for pitching and flipping into heavy cover for bass fishing, it allows you to pull the fish out of the cover without any worries of snapping your line on rocks or twigs. Another application that would be perfect for the Tritanium is any fishing for big fish with teeth, but aren't too shy because the Tritanium Plus isn't the most invisible line. I wouldn't say use it for pike fishing, but if you're going after species where you normally use monofilament and the fish usually breaks the line one way or another, this is the line for the job.


Fishing in saltwater, the Tritanium Plus visible lines in the colors gold and orange are another alternative to those who already use brightly colored lines but need a tougher line for species like albacore or tuna fishing where line visibility will not alter performance and instead actually helps as it gives you and your partner constant awareness of where the line is. The Sufix anti-abrasion copolymer line is well suited to take on the harshest saltwater conditions.

Sufix Tritanium Plus Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A copolymer line that's processed to be tough and it really shows 9
Performance While it's not a good general purpose line, it was designed to be a great performer in specific applications 8.5
Price A competitive price with performance better than other copolymer lines 8
Features Not applicable N/A
Design (Ergonomics) Copolymerization made the Tritanium Plus a real winner in being super anti-abrasion while somewhat degrading casting, but an outer layer of lubrication agent is applied to help offset the effect.  Designed very well for the type of fishing people would use this line for 9
Application Great fishing line that can take a lot of wear and tear while fishing in both saltwater and freshwater.  Awesome line for fishing around structure and good for flipping and pitching for bass 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Super abrasion resistant L Casting will take some adjusting
J Good line for fishing around structure L Anti-abrasion lines tend to be stiffer
J Great knot strength  

Conclusion: Fishing lines today are more advanced than ever. Through the different formation of materials that bond them together, lines are now more complicated, and higher performing. Although there isn't one line that can do the perfect job well in every category, there are enough choices today that anglers can choose from to apply lines to specific techniques. Through many years of experience in fabricating fishing lines and different products, Sufix has become one of the most advanced companies in the world when it comes to producing quality lines that incorporate many benefits into their product that help provide anglers with that extra edge. The Tritanium Plus can withstand many obstacles that it goes through while fishing. While not the best in the casting category, this line is definitely at the top of the stack of line for specific fishing techniques that require a tough line that can take a real beating and still not sever.









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