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Reel Preview

Spooled and ready to roll for the 2007 season, Pure Fishing appears to have a winning hand

Date: 7/12/06
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Pure Fishing
Reviewer: Zander



Introduction: Ching...ching...ching..the sounds of slot machines are already starting to ring in my head as we are only days away from ICAST 2006. Many manufacturers are hoping to hit the jackpot this year with the introduction of new tackle solutions. When it comes to lines there is no company bigger than Pure Fishing. Their portfolio of line brands is staggering, and boasts names like Trilene, Stren, and Spiderwire. We had the opportunity to preview what will be introduced in 7 days at the upcoming ICAST show.  

The best of both XL and XT rolled into one

Trilene Maxx: Hardcore readers know that more than 50% of our field tests use Trilene. Why is that? Simply because this line is tough, easy to use, and downright consistent. All of which allows us to gauge the performance of a wide assortment of reels without worrying about how the line affected our tests. So what is the new Maxx all about? This line is specifically designed to have the castability of XL and the toughness of XT. This unique blend should enable the Maxx to offer a never before seen combination of strength, handling, and sensitivity in a Trilene line.   



Stren Super Knot: Pure fishing talked to anglers and consulted pros when it came time to introduce new Stren offerings. The most requested features requested was easy castability, extra strength, multi-application capability, and a line that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. To address all these issues two new lines were created. First, Stren's new "Super Knot" line is capable of taking more abuse while keeping pressure on big fish. This line is specifically designed for superior knot retention with all types of knots. It sure seems like an ideal line for those expensive import lures.


 Stren Super Knot is designed to hold better with all knot types



Stren Sinking Braid: Superlines are growing in popularity for all types of fishing, and now they are going application specific. Stren's new sinking braid does exactly like the name implies...it sinks. While other braids float this line is designed for lures that sink fast and deep. It has twice the strength of mono and all the sensitivity we have grown to love in a braid.  

Going application specific. Stren Sinking Braid is great for lures that you want to go down fast


Berkley Vanish Transition: Vanish has always been about stealthy presentation. If fish can't see it they can't get line spooked. Transition is the most advanced Vanish line yet, and actually physically changes color above the water so anglers can visually detect more strikes. This is extremely useful for finesse fishing light lures and tiny tubes for Crappie.

Vanish Transition allows you to detect strikes easier than ever before by changing color outside of water


Berkley Fireline Crystal: Still want more invisibility options? Do you fish Fireline? If you do the first thing that probably comes to mind are the brand's traditional green lines. Crystal is the first translucent superline for near invisibility underwater. You still get that ultra thin diameter and great sensitivity but in a line that is much clearer. In fact if it were any clearer you would think its a straight mono.


Fireline Crystal is the first translucent superline


G-String is designed to be a premium high performance Mono


Spiderwire G String: Spiderwire fans this is your year! Let's start it off with an introduction to G-String. G-String is the first mono strong enough for Gerald "G-Man" Swindle to put his name on. Its built ultra tough and is designed for anglers who enjoy fishing serious structure. It remains strong even after being submerged for long periods, and has a very high breaking strength. All plusses for those willing to put their lure's in harms way while pursuing big fish. 



Spiderwire EZ Super Mono: EZ is all about simple easy to use mono. This mono is very strong and is designed to be a multi-purpose line for a wide range of applications. It is straightforward to cast and has a very predictable and controllable stretch, making it a great choice for anglers that use one rig for both plastics and hardbaits.

Want one line that can tackle multiple applications? EZ is designed to do just that  

Spiderwire Ultracast Braid:
Most anglers know Spiderwire best for their braids, and the new Ultracast is designed to be the best braid money can buy. It is extremely durable yet both thinner and smoother than traditional braids. Pure Fishing claims the line will both "Outcast and Outlast" the competition. In the company's tests knot strength, casting distance, and breaking strength are all very impressive when pitted against PowerPro. This is one line we will definitely look forward to field testing and stressing on our own tester in the TT lab. 


"Outcast and Outlast" the competition with Ultracast

Conclusion: Pure Fishing isn't taking a gamble in Vegas this year, the company looks like its holding a "full house" when it comes to addressing a wide assortment of angling requirements. Pure fishing has something for everyone. Anglers looking for a simpler solution will appreciate Stren Super Knot and Sinking Braid, as well as Spiderwire EZ Super Mono. For those seeking more invisibility there is the Berkley Vanish Transition and Fireline Crystal. Anglers that want to push the envelope in performance can spool up with Trilene Maxx, Spiderwire G String, or Spiderwire Ultracast. It looks like the team at Pure Fishing is going "all in" this year, and from the look of this lineup I sure wouldn't bet against them.  









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