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Rod Review


A Rod that Not Only Stands Out, but Surprises : Legit Design's Bait Finesse Special


Date: 8/4/22
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Legit Design
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.25 - GREAT

Since our introduction to the company through Arundel Tackle, we've been busy exploring the Wild Side of Legit Design's interesting and very JDM-esque lineup. However, late in 2021, the company made available a second series of sticks to the US market. Despite the series' name, the Stand Out series is a little more low key and much more affordable with roughly ten models from which to choose including three models designed for travel. We acquired a couple sticks from this new-to-us series for a closer look. The first of those two sticks is the Legit Design Stand Out SO66L+.


Legit Design Stand Out SOC66L+ Specifications

Material Blend of 24T, 30T & 40T graphite
Length 6'-6"
Line Wt. 6-14lb
Lure Wt. 1/16-1/2oz
Pieces 2 (separates at handle)
Guides 11+ Tip (Fuji SS/Alconite)
Rear Handle Length 9
Power Rating Light
Taper Moderate-Fast
Rod Weight 3.5
Origin Made in Taiwan
MSRP $226

Legit Designs Stand Out series sits below Wild Side in the family hierarchy

Impressions: Legit Design's Stand Out series of rods continues to be a JDM spec. By that, I mean the tapers, but especially the lengths don't necessarily align with what fishermen prefer in North America. Typically, on this side of the pond, we prefer faster tapers and longer lengths. Case in point, the SOC66L+ is a six foot, six inch (6'-6") fishing rod with a moderate-fast taper rated up to half an ounce in lure weight. Most US anglers would classify this specification as a moving bait stick.


The SOC66L+ features a split rear grip made of EVA foam


Despite it's somewhat shorter length, this rod still separates at the handle for ease of in car transport. Surprisingly, the guides are Fuji, stainless steel framed Alconites. For some reason I was expecting something below this grade of guides. It is built with a split rear grip made of EVA and features an exposed blank reel seat with a hidden thread design real seat locking mechanism (no foregrip).

Ready for action

Real World Tests: So where most might consider this rod for moving baits, based upon its power rating and length, the first thought that came into my head was BFS (bait finesse system). Indeed, the very term "Bait Finesse" is stamped on the back of this rod, so perhaps it was not an original thought. For those unfamiliar with the term, this is simply the growing trend of fishing light line applications on casting rods instead of spinning. It's nothing new. We've been writing about it since our discovery of Daiwa's Pixy back in 2004, but the idea has taken almost two decades to grab a foothold in the US market.

Paired with Abu Garcia's Limited Edition LX992Z BFS reel

I paired my SOC66L+ with Abu Garcia's 2020 limited edition LX992Z bait finesse casting reel. For those not familiar, this is Abu Garcia's top end BFS reel featuring an aluminum frame, carbon side plates, a magnetic brake system, and 5.7oz in overall weight. I supplied the reel with a full spool (no braid backing) of six pound (6lb) Soft Steel Instinct Fluorocarbon.

You never know what you're going to get when throwing smaller baits on light line!

Casting: It's important to note that just because a rod is designated as bait finesse capable doesn't mean you're limited to vertical bait presentations like drop shotting and ned rigging. The idea is simply to downsize your bait and line, otherwise all other principles remain the same. The SOC66L+ actually comes with a pretty high suggested lure rating of up to half an ounce, so my initial application with this combo was a Megabass Okashira Screwhead matched with a three inch (3") Kietech Easy Shiner paddletail. I'm unsure as to the overall weight of this bait combo, but this rod and reel combo handled it as if that was the purpose of its existence.

The Bait Finesse movement is growing - finally

Of course, if the purpose of your BFS existence is vertical presentations, rest assured the SOC66L+ can cast these baits as well - especially when paired with the LX992Z. On subsequent outings I switched up to Ned and drop shot techniques and grew uncommonly fond of this combination.

A full array of Fuji Alconites adorn this stick

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