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Line Review

Filler-Spool Line Review: Gamma Edge 100% Fluorocarbon

Date: 3/19/08
Tackle type: Fishing Lines
Manufacturer: Gamma Technologies
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 6.83 - FAIR


Introduction: It seems new fishing lines pop up on tackle store shelves faster than any other product. Here we are still trying to get through our individual evaluations of a select number of products from our Fluorocarbon Showdown articles and already a handful of new products have debuted including the previously reviewed Trilene Professional Grade Fluorocarbon. So we're introducing some abbreviated, filler-spool line reviews to quickly get the data and our impressions out to you, our readers, and help with your decisions amongst the vast array of line products available. First up? Gamma Edge 100% Fluorocarbon.

Gamma Edge 100% Fluorocarbon Specifications

Line Type Fluorocarbon
Colors Available Clear Only
Colors Tested Clear
Line Weights 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20
Line Weights Tested 10lb & 12lb
MSRP $27.95 (10lb/120yds)

We measured the 12lb test Gamma Edge FC at .01335" or .0339 mm in diameter ...


Lab Tests: Gamma produces one of the most popular fluorocarbon lines available today in their Edge FC. This 100% Fluorocarbon line is touted as being among the best in strength to diameter ratios, knot strength, shock resistance, abrasion resistance, and suppleness. Judged from the results of our Fluorocarbon Showdown articles some of these claims are indeed valid. But which ones? For a closer look, let's go back into the lab and take another look at Gamma Edge FC.


while the 10lb test's diameter measures out at .0118" or .03 mm


Material Strength: Ten pound test Gamma Edge FC is rated at 0.31mm in diameter. Our second look measurement of this line revealed a diameter of only 0.30 mm so this increased our calculated material strength value from 121,702 psi to 129,021 psi. The result is a number that is 13% higher than the average of our 14 FC Showdown article products.


Gamma Edge 100% Fluorocarbon Lab Tests (10lb - 0.30mm)

Tensile (lbs)
Material Strength
Abrasion (vs avg*)
Change in Abrasion Resistance After +2 Hr Soak
**Stretch / Deformity (+2hr soak)
(vs avg*)
13% higher
1% higher
24% lower
11.5% / 3.1%
*Average values taken from data on 14 products tested during TackleTour 2007 Fluorocarbon Showdown
** Average Stretch/Deformity values for 14 products = 10%/2%

Stretch & Deformity: If there's a downside to Gamma Edge FC, it is the amount this line tends to stretch. It was among the highest in our collection of 14 products with an 11.5% change in length when subjected to our constant load of three pounds. In fact, only one product tested out higher at 11.6% contrasted against the best performing product at only 6.3% change. Gamma Edge FC also faired among the worst in deformity meaning, after it is stretched with a constant load, it did not fully recover to its original length. Only two of the 14 products in our showdown deformed more than Gamma Edge FC.

Gamma Edge 100% Fluorocarbon Knot Tests (10lb - 0.30mm)

San Diego Jam
Improved Clinch
Avg Knot Strength
Avg Knot Strength (lbs)
Values expressed as percentage of TESTED WET tensile strength


Knot Strength: In our second look of Gamma Edge FC, we tested it against five different knots to get a better sense of the line's strength in this department. These are the same five knots we've used in our latest line reviews. The best performing knots of these five for Gamma Edge FC? The San Diego Jam and Trilene knots both held at an average of 81.3% of the line's tested strength when wet (14.1lbs). The average over our five test knots was only 75.69% but when taken against the product's actual tested strength, we equate ten pound Gamma Edge FC's knot strength at ten point seven (10.7) pounds. Just over the line's specified rating.

Here's the 85 yds of the 12lb spooled on a Daiwa Alphas 103L


Impressions: So aside from a bit of stretchiness, Gamma Edge FC actually tested out quite well in our lab. Out of the package, it does feel like a very good handling line. Its surface feels softer than other high end fluorocarbon lines but it still has that dense springiness common in most FC's. Because the line appears to be rated closer to knot breaking strength rather than tensile strength, it feels heavier in diameter than other lines rated for their tensile strength. This will lead to a lot of confusion in the tackle store when comparing Gamma Edge FC to other lines. It's still a difficult concept for me to get my head around!


Gamma Edge FC is a very fine handling fluorocarbon product, but with that good handling comes some tradeoffs


What to Expect: I fished the Gamma Edge FC only briefly and feel its sensitivity is not as good as some of the other, more difficult to handle lines like Sunline Shooter FC, Toray SuperHard Upgrade, and Sugoi FC. The line does handle well although the twelve pound test still has a tendency to want to jump off the filler spool. It did not stay on my reels long because I did not care for the tradeoff in handling and stretch versus sensitivity.


Ratings (We've re-calibrated our ratings standard for 2008 and have included a key at the bottom of the following matrix as a guide):

Gamma Edge 100% Fluorocarbon Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Feels like a quality line but thick for its rating 7
Performance I didn't care for the trade off of handling for sensitivity, but most of all, I did not like the stretchiness of this product 6
Price On the pricier side of FC's 6
Features Similar to the Trilene FC, breaking knot strength equal to the lines rated strength... very nice! 8
Design (Ergonomics) Only available in clear and does not turn milky white when exposed to the sun 7
Application Because of its stretch, a good FC line for moving baits 7

Total Score

Ratings Key: Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!

Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Good Handling Line L Sensitivity not quite on par with what we expect from a premium priced FC
J Very good knot strength per line's rated strength L Abrasion drops quite a bit when the line is saturated
J Easy to find  L Too stretchy for a true FC


Conclusion: Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon is a very popular line and I can see why. It handles more like a quality nylon line than it does a true fluorocarbon. Knot strength was equal to the product's rated breaking strength in our lab which is really all we can ask for considering this is the weakest point of any line. Trouble is, in order to reach this rating, you're really fishing with a line that is thicker than it needs to be because the true knot strength is subpar. This is the tradeoff with all the FC lines in our tests thus far. It's really a no win situation: Rate the product according to tensile strength and lose out because knot strength is sub-par. Rate the product by its weakest aspect in knot strength, and lose out because consumers have to fish with a product that is over rated and thicker than other lines. It's pretty much a wash.


Though Gamma Edge FC served me well on this day of jig fishing, I still prefer other fluorocarbon products.


That dilemma notwithstanding, the one characteristic I did not like with this line was the stretch. Even out of the box, when testing a length between your fingers Gamma Edge FC feels stretchy. This is just something I do not want in my fluorocarbon lines. Others might be fine with it, and really, prefer it if it means handling is improved, but this is why we have the choices in today's market that we do. If this sounds like something you are partial to, absolutely check out this line because it is a quality product. In fact, the combination of good knot strength to rated strength ratio and stretchiness might make Gamma FC a really good choice for those wanting to throw swimbaits on FC line, but as previously stated, I'm still not ready to retest those waters just yet. For now, we here at TT have more lines to get through!










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