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Line Review


Easy Handling FINS WindTamer Braided Line


Date: 10/1/20
Tackle Type: Fishing Line
Manufacturer: FINS
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

Fishing with superlines has become a huge market segment with many manufacturers developing lines for both fresh and saltwater applications, and even some more niche situational ones. One such company, FINS, out of Erlanger, Kentucky, specializes in braided line products and has continued to introduce new braids specifically targeting bass anglers, including situational braids like the new Windtamer Pitch Black Braid.


FINS Windtamer Pitch Braid Specifications

Line Type Spectra Braid
Colors Available Black (Never Fade Braid)
Line Weights 10 - 80
Line Weights Fished 50
MSRP $15.99/150yds (50lb = $0.11/yd)


Background: FINS specializes in braided line product varying their weaving methods to achieve different results based on technique and environment. Their Windtamer braid is specially developed to combat issues anglers face with their braided line wrapping around guides, and the appearance of those mysterious knots that sometimes result after being blown around in the wind.


Introducing Windtamer braid by FINS. It is called Pitch Black because it is woven from black fiber and not color coated so that it will not fade

Impressions: FINS markets Pitch Black line as a variation of their Windtamer product and describes it as being a "round firm braid." The company's processing of the 100% spectra material compacts it and makes it rounder with the goal of enabling the line to pack neatly on spools without pulling into itself inhibiting casts, and the more streamlined shape is designed to better cut through the air. There isn't a description of how many strands of Spectra are used to make this particular line.

We acquired a couple spools of the 50lb test to try

We acquired a couple spools of the 50lb test, specified at 0.356mm in diameter, for our tests (note, the product's packaging simply states 10lb diameter, but the product's catalog listing on the manufacturer's own websites lists the 50lb at 0.330mm). Running a length of this line off the filler spool fresh out of the package, the first thing I noticed is the line's somewhat rough texture. That texture reminded me of a 4 strand braid. Additionally, the 50lb test felt thin to me, so I pulled out the micrometer for a quick check along five spots over five feet of line. I measured an average of 0.238mm in diameter for the 50lb Windtamer. This is more in line with what I'd expect from a 25 or 30 pound braid, so I was left a little dubious about strength but kept in mind that the company intentionally tightly weaves and compacts this line for the intended application.

Windtamer's texture reminds me of a 4 strand braid

Real World Tests: After discovering the true diameter of 50lb Windtamer, I was a little hesitant to move forward with my plans to spool it onto my Shimano Scorpion MGL paired with my first generation Edge Rods Black Widow 806-1 cranking stick. I wanted something thicker, but didn't have time to procure another spool before our next testing trip, so I just went with it. Zander, it turns out, had no hesitation spooling the same line on his KastKing Bassinator Elite paired with his Megabass of America Destroyer Mark 48. Both of us had one application in mind - big baits.

Spooled and ready to go on board my Shimano Scorpion MGL

Casting: The proof with any fishing line marketed as being able to tame the wind is in the casting. In this area, FINS's Windtamer braid delivers as promised flying off the spool very easily for cast after cast of accurate, trouble free performance.

It just so happens that a couple of the days Zander and I were out fishing this line together, the wind was blowing much harder than forecast. The kind of wind that gives a lot of braided line products trouble, but Windtamer handled extremely well.

Zander happened to have some on a KastKing Bassinator Elite that he was in the process of testing. One thing for sure, this line does match up well with a lot of reels and the dark color has a very tactical look

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