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Storage Review

Columbia Customs, a better way to store line-through swimbaits


Date: 12/1/09
Tackle type: Storage
Manufacturer: Columbia Custom Tackle
Reviewer: Zander

Score (Standard): 7.16 - GOOD
Score (Line-Through): 8.0 -

Columbia Custom Tackle is a relative newcomer to the tackle storage scene and brings to market four new boxes designed for organizing and protecting swimbaits, two of them specifically intended for hard to store line-through type big baits.


Columbia Custom Tackle 6" Swimbait Box Specifications
(line-through version in parentheses)

Size 14L x 9.13W x 3.25H
Materials Impact-resistant polypropylene
Storage Compartments 1 main compartment
Water Resistant Yes
Color Clear/Red Hinges
Capacity 16 baits (12 line through baits)
Price as tested $31.99 ($34.99)


Columbia Custom tackle is new to the tackle storage scene and comes to market with two boxes, one designed with clips for traditional soft bodied swimbaits and another for line through swimbaits


Impressions: If you have fallen under the spell of swimbaits and the big-fish they are capable of catching then chances are you have more then a handful of baits, and properly storing them all can be an issue. With so many different types of swimbaits it is hard to find a solution to properly address them all. Columbia tackles some of these swimbaits with two different boxes, which are each available in 6 or 10 inch styles.


Columbia's box can handle popular Osprey line through swimbaits

Columbia starts with Plano 3700 class waterproof storage boxes and customizes them with one of two implementations to better hold swimbaits. These boxes all have dimensions of 14L x 9.13W x 3.25H and feature an o-ring that surrounds the entire lip and to apply proper pressure to create a waterproof seal the box has three latches, one on each side (except for the hinge side).

Feed the wire through the bait...

The Columbia boxes are designed for top hook or line through swimbaits rather than hard swimbaits with multiple treble hooks. While the box can hold treble hooked equipped swimbaits they will tangle if the box is not held upright at all times. The first version of the box (what we will refer to as the standard swimbait box in this review) make use of a bar with clips. The 6 version has 16 of these clips along the bar, each is separated by a plastic spacer to ensure baits are properly spaced. This implementation is similar to the Markeys single swimbait box.

...bend the wire upwards and your bait is stowed, it is that easy

The second version is designed specifically for line through swimbaits like the popular Osprey Inline Talons. Most anglers stuff these lures in traditional Plano boxes which can cause damage to the baits. Ive personally damaged a few of them by just tossing them on top of each other and had the hooks pierce each other or left them for so long the tails were bent over unnaturally.

We had a few extra slots and found we could use the wires to stow standard soft bodied swimbaits just as easily

On this particular box instead of using clips Columbia cleverly attaches copper wiring that is coated in plastic to the top stainless steel bar. The wire is designed to slot through the bait where you would normally insert your fishing line. Once inserted a bend at the end will hold the baits in place side by side.

The wire makes for versatile storage, here we stow Castaic Catch 22 line through swimbaits right through the head

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