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Want to Soup up Your Blade Storage? RMD Machines a New Spinnerbait Rack for Your Ride


Date: 4/10/12
Tackle type: Storage
Manufacturer: RMD
Reviewer: Zander

Bass boats are a lot like sports cars, they are aggressively styled, loaded with horsepower to go fast, handle extremely well, are often flashy and oh yeah… did I mention fast? Built to get from point A to B quickly and serve as a stable fishing platform, these boats have evolved a great deal over the years. There really is no more prized possession in the bass angler’s “arsenal,” and some fishermen affectionately refer to their bass rigs as moving tackle boxes, and why not, these boats are habitually packed with tackle in every available nook and cranny. So much so that “tackle organization” can be just as important as “tackle storage.” Whether you are a weekend warrior or a pro angler changing out baits is just part of the game, so having those baits within easy reach is always a plus.


RMD joins the tackle storage/tackle organization fray with a new spinnerbait rack


It is this thinking that has spawned many new products from companies looking to introduce products that not only make it easier but also faster to stow and deploy your tackle. Anglers fishing wire baits like spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and even jigs often need to change out their lures to address varying conditions like depth, water clarity or cover type.


RMD draws on their machine shop roots to create a high end rack constructed out of aluminum


Rather than have to open their lockers and dig for tackle boxes a number of companies have introduced new storage systems that basically consist of a bar, usually made out of molded plastic, which attaches to the underside of the locker. In these “bars” are holes or slots where anglers can attach their single hook lures and switch them out on the fly without having to open or close any individual tackle boxes. Not only is this system fast and easy to use but they also increase the total available storage by utilizing the empty space directly underneath the compartment lid.


RMD (formerly Kevkel) introduced spinnerbaits with a louver punched into their blades


As in all tackle categories there are options that get the job done and others that are focused on the higher end of the segment, catering towards the enthusiasts. A new spinnerbait rack from RMD falls into that latter category and makes use of aluminum instead of plastic. RMD (formerly Kevkel) knows a thing or two about high end metal work and is the same company that introduced the Revolution spinnerbait which features a patented blade design which features a louver to generate increased spin and vibration at lower speeds.


The new spinnerbait rack is available in three anodized colors


Earlier I mentioned how bass boats are similar to sports cars and the RMD Spinnerbait Rack reminds me of the high end tuner accessories that drivers install in their “rides.” These racks look very high quality and because they are made out of machined aluminum they are not only much more durable than plastic can be anodized with various colors to match your boat’s theme.


Each opening is fitted with a gasket to securely hold and protect the baits and rack


Currently RMD is producing the rack in red, gold, or blue colors. To reduce rattle the baits are spaced apart and each opening is fitted with a rubber gasket, this also shields the rack from getting scratched up unnecessarily and also protects the barb on your hooks.


A pile of 16 spinnerbaits...


The rack can be installed in a few minutes on the underside of a deck lid, and while it is more durable than plastic racks it also is heavier, weighing in at 9.2oz. Because each installation is a little different RMD doesn’t provide the mounting hardware but a quick trip to your local hardware store is all that is necessary to get the right screws. There are some anglers that will not want to drill their boat or do not have deck lids with conveniently positioned support bars, in these situations they can pick up some 3M double sided industrial foam tape which is strong enough to hold the rack in place.


... and 16 spinnerbaits loaded into the RMD rack


When the team at RMD asked me to guess how much the rack should retail for I made some quick calculations in my mind based on the cost of aluminum and what I thought it would cost to machine and anodize the rack and spit out a $40 dollar price point. This is a little more than double what a plastic rack should retail for. I was close but most retailers will sell the rack for $34.99 which is reasonable for a product that exhibits this level of quality both in terms of material and design. While only a complete review and long term test will result in our final recommendation from what we have seen so far we really like.


The RMD rack weighs about the same as a baitcaster at 9.2oz.


It is interesting how the tackle industry spawns little niches wherever there is an area that manufacturers can make fishing a little easier or successful. The RMD Spinnerbait Rack manages to do just that, add value with a seemingly simple yet elegant product.


This premium rack is also good for holding jigs and chatterbaits


I’ll be using the product on my boat over the entire season, not just because I need more room for spinnerbaits, but because I’m curious just how much faster it will make locating the right blade for the ever changing conditions. While certainly not the cheapest option the RMD offering caters to those anglers that are looking to soup up their ride with a higher-end custom storage solution.


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