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Megabass Launches the Sleeper Craw and lxl SHAD TX

Date: 6/18/21
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: With ICAST just a month away many manufacturers are starting to announce, or even hard launch, new products for the coming season. This season Megabass America will be adding some additional weapons to their arsenal of baits including new sizes and colors of existing lines, as well as the exciting new introduction of their next “Sleeper” bait. As a follow up to their goby styled bait the company is extending the formula to one of the most popular forages for bass, the ever popular crawfish.


The Sleeper Craw builds on the Dark Sleeper formula with a whole new profile

Sleeper Craw: If there is one go to bait for many anglers in the Megabass lineup it is the small, but ever reliable, Dark Sleeper. The effectiveness of the hybrid swimbait/jig design has been proven coast to coast and has become a favorite among anglers that appreciate the flexibility of being able to fish bait through the entire water column.

The Sleeper Craw features plenty of lifelike appendages and is fished backwards to mimic a retreating crawfish

Building on the success of the Dark Sleeper the company is preparing to introduce the Sleeper Craw, a craw imitating soft bodied jig designed for bottom contact applications. Like the Dark Sleeper this new bait comes pre-rigged with a hidden hook that deploys on strike, and helps keep the bait weedless when doing contact work.  

The hook is angled towards the back of the jig and deploys as the soft body compresses on strike

This is probably the bait that I am most excited about in the new lineup and the prototypes exhibit some excellent details in the overall profile and appendage designs. The profile of the bait looks excellent and the appendages are design to move aggressively when the lure is popped, or even with the slightest amount of current.

A look at the profile of the Sleeper Craw. Notice how the hook is completely hidden in the main body of the bait. It will be interesting to see if hookups are as good as they are with the Dark Sleeper with this even more stealthy hook position

The Sleeper Craw will be available in a range of patterns that the company is making final refinements to now and at launch there will be one size that measures 3 inches and weighs in at 5/8oz., and will retail for $8.99 each when they become available next Spring.  

The lxl SHAD is collaboration between Megabass founder Yuki Ito and Imakatsu founder Katsutaka Imae and comes with a long lip and patented LBO moving balancer to aid with casting ease and swimming action

lxl SHAD TX: Expanding the brand’s already extensive hardbait line the IxI SHAD TX takes the collaboration between Megabass founder Yuki Ito and Imakatsu founder Katsutaka Imae to the next level with an updated design that targets depth ranges down to 13ft. The lxl comes loaded with the company’s patented LBO moving balancer technology for improved casting and swimming action. The bait measures 2-1/4” in length and weighs only 1/4oz, and is perfectly balanced so that it will suspend at rest. The lxl SHAD is becoming available now at the retail price of $19.99 each.

The Super-Z Z3 is another hardbait that is designed to get deep, despite it's relatively small profile

Super-Z Z3: Another new hardbait addition is the Super-Z Z-3 crankbait which is a compact and lightweight crank that is designed to get down deep and make bottom contact. This “bulldog” style lure also features the LBO II balancer system and casts like a much larger bait, and with a large lip should be able to achieve depths down to 13 feet. The Z3 measures 2inches and weighs only 1/4oz and will retail for $19.99 when it becomes available this coming Fall.

The Okashira Heads are designed for finesse swimbaits and will come in some new patterns

Okashira Heads: On the opposite end of the swimbait spectrum the company’s Okashira heads are designed for finesse swimbait fishing and will soon be available in three new colorways: Shadow Spawn, Tennessee Shad, and Weed Kamo II.

A closer look at the Weed Kamo II colorway

These were created specifically to match the expanding Spark Shad 3in. and Hazedong Shad 3in. color lineups. These jigheads are also becoming available no in 1/16-1/8oz. weights and retail for $5.99-$6.99 depending on size.

The Tennessee Shad pattern in Okashira Screwhead configuration

In addition to these new bait offerings Megabass America is also preparing to introduce some of the popular rods from their JDM Valkyrie World Expedition and Triza lineup here in the US. We will also be previewing these rods shortly.









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