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Editor's Choice and Best Value Award Past Winners (Archive)


 Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice Awards:
Every once in a while we will have the opportunity to review a product that really catches our attention as outstanding in every category. (Performance, Workmanship, Suitability, and Price/Value) This product is awarded our coveted editor's choice award and is automatically listed among the recommended products in it's appropriate category.


Product Category Date Awarded
Phenix Classic BFS C-68 Rods 9/9/23
Click Bait Customs Mini Sonar Swimbaits 9/3/23
Megabass Spark Shad Swimbaits 6/11/23
Megabass Sleeper Craw Lures 5/9/23
Berkley Powerbait MaxScent Flat Worm Lures 4/6/23
Abu Garcia Zenon MG-X Reels 1/12/23
Megabass US Destroyer P5 F7.5-76X Mark-56 Rods 11/18/22
Megabass Valkyrie World Expedition VKC-78H-4 Rods 7/1/22
Abu Garcia Zenon Reels 4/5/22
Aftco Jason Christie Performance Shirt Apparel 3/11/22
Okuma Hakai Reels 1/23/22
Baitsanity Gill Glide Swimbaits 1/6/22
Costa Untangled 2.0 Antille Apparel - Optics 1/2/22
Illude Lunker Fighters Zombie Double Rat Swimbaits 9/6/21
FAT BASS Neck Gaiters Apparel 8/20/21
Plano EDGE Series Storage 7/6/21
Seaguar Gold Label FC Leader Lines 6/1/21
Megabass Megadog Lures 5/12/21
Daiwa Zillion SV TW G 2021 Reels 2/19/21
Shimano Vanford F Reels 12/31/20
River2Sea Tactical DD Crankbait Lures 11/24/20
Shimano Curado MGL70K Reels 11/8/20
Swimbait Underground Union 9" Wrap Swimbaits/Storage 10/19/20
Illude Rad Rat Lures 9/29/20
Megabass Braillist Rod 9/20/20
Power Pro Hollow Ace Lines 9/8/20
Shimano Metanium 150 B Baitcaster Reels 6/25/20
Nishine Chippawa RB DD Blade Crankbait Lures 5/21/20
Megabass Destroyer Bunker Buster Rods 4/7/20
Daiwa Tatula SV TW 103 Reels 3/6/20
Phenix M1 MX72MH Rods 2/23/20
ARK RFC76MHFC Rods 2/12/20
FishLab Bio Gill Swimbait and Glide Bait Swimbaits 2/4/20
Lew's Pro-Ti SLP Reels 1/20/20
Defiant 247 and 210 Lures 1/5/20
Megabass Destroyer Mark 48 Rods 12/11/19
AFTCO Tactical Shorts Apparel 10/13/19
Buff Eclipse Sungloves Apparel 9/9/19
Z-Man and Evergreen Lures 8/2/19
iRod AIR IRA7104PRG-H Rods 7/29/19
Okuma Nomad Xpress Swimbait Travel Rods Rods 3/20/19
Megabass Dark Sleeper Lures 3/1/19
Finatic Pro Series Braid Line 1/18/19
Yeti Panga Backpack 28 Storage 1/15/19
Warbaits Underspin Terminal Tackle 1/2/19
Sunline FX2 Braid Line 12/17/18
Shimano Curado DC Reels 11/26/18
Mako Blade and GT Sunglasses Optics 11/12/18
Daiwa Tatula Elite Ish Monroe AGS Frog Rod Rods 10/29/18
Phenix FTX-71MH Rods 9/30/18
Missle Baits Drop Craw Lures 9/20/18
Megabass Destroyer F5-75X Javelin Enthusiast 9/6/18
Abu Garcia Revo4 X Reels 4/16/18
Megabass Ito Shiner Lures 2/21/18
Shimano Curado 200K Reels 1/1/18
Simms Challenger Jacket and Bib Apparel 12/17/17
Lucky Craft Pointer Minnow 100 Lures 11/12/17
Jackall Gantarel Jr, Bluegill Swimbiat Lures 10/17/17
Picasso Dinr Bell Dual Blade Buzzabait Lures 10/15/17
Tatula SV TW TASV103XS Reels 9/20/17
Strike King Rage Chunk Lures 6/27/17
Seaguar's Tatsu Fluorocarbon Lines 6/7/17
Gamakatsu Aaron Martens TGW Drop Shot Hook Terminal Tackle 5/7/17
Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad Lures 5/3/17
Spro Little John 50 Lures 4/16/17
Shimano Chronarch MGL Reels 3/6/17
Eposeidon KastKing 24 Rod Rack Storage 12/6/16
Shimano Curado 70 Reels 10/13/16

ZBone LEXF Casting Rod

Rods 10/5/16
St. Criox Legend Elite EC70MF Casting Rod Rods 9/5/16
Sunline Supernatural Mono Lines 5/4/16
Revo Toro Beast Reels 3/20/16
Shimano Stradic FK Reels 1/24/16
Megabass S-Crank Lures 1/20/16
DUO Realis Onimasu Lures 12/6/15
Jackall Gantarel Lures 11/11/15
Okuma EVX 861XH Rods 4/11/15
Shimano Chronarch CI4+ Reels 2/4/15
Strike King Red Eye Shad Lures 5/27/15
13 Fishing Concept C Reels 11/16/14
Shimano Curado I Reels 6/27/14
Jackall Poison Adrena 166M Rod Reels 6/18/14
Missle Baits DBomb Lures 5/27/13
Roman Made Trick Lures 5/12/13
Savage Gear Sandeel Lures 3/31/13
Simms Solarflex Hoody Apparel 2/27/13
BOLT Codeable Locks Watercraft Accessory 2/13/13
G.Loomis GLX 783 Rods 1/3/13
Simms Pro Dry Jacket Apparel 10/25/12
Kinky Beaver Lures 9/30/12
G.Loomis NRX 852C Rods 9/3/12
Bogagrip Model 130 Tools 1/18/12
Caribe Jig Lures 11/5/11
Shimano Stradic FJ 2500 Spinning Reel Reels 10/18/11
St. Croix Legend Elite LES76MLXF Spinning Rod Rods 10/9/11
ima Big Stik topwater bait Lures 6/12/11
Shimano Stella FE Reels 5/29/11
Megabass F1-66ZKS Kirisame Limited Enthusiast rods 5/22/11
Little Creeper All American Trash Fish Lures 5/18/11
Jackall Crosstail Shad Lures 4/24/11
F6-72X4 Orochi X4 Destruction Rods 4/21/11
Quantum Smoke Reels 3/9/11
EGO S2 Slider Net Tools 3/6/11
Hatch Monsoon 5 Plus Fly Reels 12/29/10
Megabass Xpod Lures 12/26/10
Luhr Jensen Big Game Woodchopper Lures 12/12/10
Shimano Scorpion 1000/1 XT Reels 12/8/10
Costa Del Mar Hammerhead Sunglasses Apparel 9/14/10
Triton Mike Bullshad Lures 8/22/10
Kistler Zbone ZB-4MH Rods 6/27/10
Dobyns Rods Champion 795ML Gen 2 Rods 5/12/10
Boss Magnum E-Series 197 & 270 Reels 4/18/10
Warbaits Slayer Swim Jig Lures 3/23/10
MS Slammer Swimbait Lures 3/09/10
Sunday Afternoons Island Breeze Shirt Clothing 3/2/10
Under Armour Flats Guide II Shirt Clothing 1/17/09
ShoreStalker Fly Rod Fly Rod 12/30/09
Jerry Rago Original Generic Rat Lures 12/23/09
Shimano Stradic CI4 Reels 12/06/09
Roboworm EZ Shad Lures 10/21/09
Mattlures Hardbass Lures 9/29/09
Shimano Cumara Reaction CUC70H Rods 9/17/09
Abu Garcia Revo Toro Reels 9/13/09
Shimano Japan Aldebaran Enthusiast Reels 9/06/09
Abu Garcia Revo Winch Reels 8/17/09
Dobyns Rods 704CB Glass Rods 8/08/09
Phenix Ultra MBX 707H Rods 7/07/09
Lucky Craft 701MF Cranking Rod Rods 6/14/09
Shimano Curado E5 Reels 5/11/09
JSJ Snack Size Trout Lures 5/06/09
Sharkskin Lines Fly 3/7/09
Bass Stalker Spot Stalker Jighead Terminal Tackle 3/04/09
Phenix X-10 Cranking Rods 1/01/09
Ardent SmartCull Tools 12/22/08
Sunline Shooter Defier Lines 12/03/08
Daiwa Zillion Casting Rod Rod 11/09/08
Toray's SuperHard Upgrade Fluorocarbon Lines 10/01/08
Megabass Trick Darter X-10 Lures 9/10/08
Megabass Orochi F8-78DG Super Destruction Rods 6/22/08
Booyah Bi-You Buzz Buzzbait Lures 6/15/08
Texas Tackle SSplit Ring Pliers Tools 5/22/08
Roboworm Zipper and Straight Tail Worm Lures 5/14/08
Daiwa Steez Baitcaster Reel 4/27/08
Kistler Big Swimbait Special Rod 3/6/08
Maui Jim's Nunui sunglasses Apparel 12/18/07
Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Reels 11/25/07
Daiwa TD Advantage 153HST Reels 11/14/07
Shimano Core & Metanium Mg Reels 11/3/07
Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP Lures 10/11/07
Black Dog Lunker Punker Lures 9/23/07
River2Sea Crystal Spinnerbait Lures 8/15/07
GLoomis Bronzeback SMR822S-SP-GLX Rods 6/13/07
22nd Century Triple Trout Swimbait Lures 6/11/07
Megabass DeepX 200 Lures 4/4/07
Shimano Curado 300DSV Reels 1/29/07
Smith Action Optics VTi Sunglasses Apparel 3/26/07
Squad Minnow Jerkbait Lures 4/25/07
Powell 683C Rods 4/25/06
Shimano Curado 100D Reels 4/19/06
Shimano Curado D200HSV Reels 6/11/06
Daiwa TD Minnow
Type SP2101
Lures 9/10/06
Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbait Lures 12/05/05
AiRRUS Ultra XL Rods 11/07/05
Shimano Calcutta CTE300 Reels 9/04/05
Abu Garcia Record Reels 8/28/05
Fish Hedz Apparel 5/31/05
GLoomis BCR803 Rods 5/15/05
Albackore Altunative Storage 4/04/05
Daiwa Fuego Reels 3/21/05
Daiwa Sealine SLT30 Reels 2/14/05
Leatherman Charge Ti Tools 1/23/05
Daiwa Sealine SLT30 Reels 2/14/05
Leatherman Charge Ti Tools 1/23/05
Yamamoto Kreature Lures 9/17/04
Thule Castaway Tools 7/26/04
The Lipper Tools 4/19/04
Shimano CalcuttaTE 200DC Reels 3/28/04
AiRRUS Co-MATRiX 457 Rods 11/10/03
Quantum Energy PTi Reels 9/08/03
Tica Caiman Reels 6/23/03
Daiwa Saltiga Reels 4/27/03
Lure Eyes Cuda Apparel 8/8/02
Albackore II Tackle Bag Storage 7/7/02
Quantum Catalyst PTi Reels 5/16/02
Daiwa TD-X 103HSDF Reels 2/3/02
Shimano Stradic Reels 10/18/01


 Best Value

Best Value Awards:
The Best Value Award is given to products that demonstrate an excellent balance of performance versus price.



Product Category Date Awarded
Kastking Mg12 Reels 11/30/23
Illude Lunker Fighters Zombie Gerbil Swimbaits 10/10/23
Abu Garcia Revo 5 SX Reels 4/16/23
Edge Epitome MBR725-1C Rods 3/7/23
Trika 7'5" MH/Fast Rods 2/1/23
Phenix Maxim MAX-73MH Rods 1/16/23
Shimano Curado 200 DC Reels 12/28/22
Toxic Baits Whippersnapper 2.0 Swimbaits 9/1/22
Gomexus Aluminum  Power Handle and Knob Upgrade Reels 7/5/22
Shimano Curado BFS Reels 6/6/22
Spro Rat 50 Swimbaits 6/7/21
Daiwa Rebellion Rods 4/20/21
Baitsanity Explorer Gen 2 Swimbaits 3/21/21
Okuma ITX Spinning Reel Reels 3/14/21
Megabass MagDraft Freestyle Swimbaits 11/30/20
Molix Glide Bait Swimbaits 10/26/20
Phenix Rods Maxim MAXS-610L Rods 4/14/20
Shimano SLX DC Reels 3/24/20
Frenzy Wacky Saddle O-Rings Terminal Tackle 1/26/20
Baitsanity Antidote Lures 12/11/19
13 Fishing Inception Sport Z Reels 10/16/19
Lew's Hyper Mag SP Baitcaster Reels 9/5/19
Shimano SLX Baitcaster Reels 2/7/19
Dobyns Fury 795SB Rods 1/5/19
Veritas VTSCW76-6 cranking rod Rods 12/24/18
Uribe Riverside M2 Rods 8/30/18
Pflueger Patriarch XT Reels 8/22/18
Kistler Z-Bone ZB3MLH73 Rods 6/27/18
Baitsanity Explorer Lures 6/13/18
Megabass Orochi XX F4.5-74XXS Rods 6/6/18
ARK Invoker IVK70MXC Rods 5/30/18
Doomsday T4C-370BCF Rods 5/20/18
Phenix FTX-S 71L Rods 5/13/18
Berkley Dredger Lures 4/11/18
Shimano Scorpion BFS Enthusiast 3/25/18
ARK Invoker IVK610MLXS Rods 3/21/18
G.Loomis Conquest 843C Rods 3/14/18
Daiwa lexa Type-WN 400H Reels 2/19/18
St. Croix Bass X BX610MLXF Rods 2/11/18
G-Rods Game Changer GC-73MH-1C Rods 1/28/18
St. Croix BassX BXC71MHF Rods 11/15/17
13 Fishing ONE3
Reels 8/17/17

Evergreen International's Jack Hammer

Rods 6/20/17
Daiwa Fuego CT Reels 5/18/17
Fenwick HMG72M-MFC Rods 5/14/17
Rapala Shadow Rap Shad Lures 4/8/17
Shimano Casitas MGL Reels 12/25/16
Levante F3st-610S Stinger Shot Rods 12/19/16
Abu Garcia Villain 2 VC70-6 Rods 12/8/16
Abu Garcia Orra Winch Reels 11/11/16
St. Criox Legend Elite EC70MF Casting Rod Rods 9/5/16
Pflueger Supreme SP35X Reels 3/27/16
Hoo-Rag Apparel 11/2/15
Daiwa Aird Reels 3/29/15
Strike King Red Eye Shad Lures 5/27/15
Lew's BB1 Reels 9/4/13
Kistler KLX KLXBBC70M Rod Rods 5/22/13
Daiwa Lexa 100HL Reels 4/21/13
Plano Flex N' Go Storage 4/18/13
Megabass Orochi XX Drop Shot Rod Rods 5/8/13
Phenix Recon PHX-C715H Rod 12/2/12
Rapala Canada’s R-Type RT45TR72MH2 Enthusiast Rods 4/18/12
Powell 6101L spinning rod Rods 10/12/11
Real California Supreme Swimbait Lures 6/24/11
Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool baitcaster Reels 5/1/11
Pflueger Patriarch Reels 3/25/11
Rapala Shift Rods 6/13/10
Abu Garcia Vendetta Rods 5/23/10
Okuma Serrano Reels 3/13/10
Triple Fish Camo X-Line Lines 11/29/09
Falcon Cara Reaction T7 Deep Runner Rods 9/22/09
Lucky Craft 701MF Cranking Rod Rods 6/14/09
Powell's Tiboron XL 6wt 906-4 Fly Rod Fly 6/30/08
Shimano Cumara CUC68M Rod 2/27/08
Okuma Guide Select GS-C-7111MH/XH Rod 1/1/08
Daiwa Luna Reels 10/25/07
Daiwa Fuego Spinning Reels 5/28/07
Shimano Stradic MgFA Reels 4/23/07
Megabass Shiryu Enthusiast Rods 5/5/06
Okuma VS-20 Reels 7/17/06
Lipper Evolution C701M Rods 12/15/05
Shimano Tekota ReelS 11/02/05
Daiwa Coastal Reels 10/19/05
Tulli Horizon Chest Pack Apparel & Fly 7/17/05
Rhino Tackle Tote Reels & Rods 5/9/05
Pflueger President Reels 4/17/05
Quantum Accurist Reels 3/14/05
Shimano Crucial Rod Rods 1/06/05
Quantum Accurist Reels 3/14/05
Shimano Crucial Rod Rods 1/06/05
Daiwa TDA 153HST Reels 11/08/04
Quantum Plasma Reels 11/01/04
Shimano Chronarch 50Mg Reels 10/24/04
Rapala SX6i reel Reels 7/20/04
Compre Rod CPC-X66MHA Rods 6/9/04
PM Vivif Swimbait Lures 1/01/04
Route 37 Nooksack Rod Fly Fishing 10/21/03
Sea Eagle 8 Watercraft 12/19/02
Okuma Fly (Celilo/Integrity) Rods/Reels 12/1/02
Kistler Delta Flip N Pitch Rods 9/23/02
Quarrow OTS664F Rods 3/28/02
Okuma Metaloid Reels 1/28/02
Rapala Sportsman Combo Tools 12/28/01
Norman DLN Lures 12/8/01


 Innovation Award

Innovation Awards:
The Innovation Award is given to products that are unique and/or showcase innovative new technologies that enhance and broaden the way anglers can approach the sport of fishing. This coveted award is reserved for the latest and  greatest revolutionary tackle.


Product Category Date Awarded
Shimano Stella FK Reels 11/19/23
Shimano Armajoint Swimbait 3/17/23
Baitsanity Antidote TUG Swimbaits 12/4/22
Shimano World Minnow & World Diver Lures 2/27/22
13 Fishing Concept Z SLD Reels 6/13/21
Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer Lures 6/29/20
Shimano Bantam MGL Reels 9/12/18
13 Fishing Concept Z Reels 2/25/18
Gamakatsu Swivel Shot Drop Shot Terminal Tackle 1/24/18
G-Rods BA-7MH Rods 2/5/17
13 Fishing Trick Shop Reel Components 6/18/15
Ko-Man-Chi Platinum Composite Spinnerbait Lures 4/28/12
Quantum EXO Baitcaster Reels 3/6/12
Daiwa T3 Baitcaster Reels 9/27/11
Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog Lures 6/5/11
Huddleston 6" Weedless Swimbait Lures 3/17/11
Ko-Man-Chi Spinnerbaits Lures 2/16/11
CLU Zero Gravity Jig Lures 2/13/11
Paycheck baits Punch Skirt Lures 6/23/10
Megastrike Strike Back Lures 5/15/10
Spintech Hooks Terminal Tackle 2/23/10
Columbia Custom Tackle Storage 12/01/09
Mattlures 77/711 Signature Series Heavy Swimbait Rod Rods 6/29/09
CL8 Bait Swimbait 6/7/09
Castaic Catch 22 Swimbait 3/11/09
Reaction Innovations Screwed Up Bullet Terminal Tackle 10/29/08
Tru-Tungsten Tru-Life Swimbaits Lures 10/22/08
Berkley TEC Pistol Trigger Grip tool Tool 4/08/08
WaveCast Spinning Reel Reel 1/22/08
Daiwa Dead or Alive Lures 2/4/07
Secret Weapon Spinnerbait Lures 3/6/06
Daiwa Cielo Drop Shot Rod Rods 6/16/06
River2Sea Tungsten Tumbler weights Terminal Tackle 6/19/06
Stor's It Rod Organization Watercraft (accessory) 10/10/05
Daiwa Viento Reels 8/17/05
Critterbait Swim Jig Lures 7/29/05
EZ Packer Pontoon Carrier Watercraft (accessory) 7/08/05
Cape Fear TB Ripping & Cranking Rod Rods 4/25/05
ACR Signaling Mirror Tools 4/08/05
Porta-Bote Watercraft 4/19/04
Ambush Pop-a-Long Lures 3/22/04
Quantum Hypercast Ultra Reels 1/5/04
Lucky Craft Live Pointer Lures 8/25/03
Kistler Helium LTA Rods 3/3/03
SPRO Stowaway Net Tools 6/13/02
Hookhider 147C Rods 3/11/02
Nemire Lures Lures 2/24/02


 Ultimate Enthusiast

Ultimate Enthusiast Awards: TackleTour's newest honor, is the Ultimate Enthusiast Award, which is reserved for supreme products in the Enthusiast Tackle category. To qualify for this award a product must exhibit extraordinary performance and uniqueness. These winners truly are of the most rare, collectible, sometimes weird, and always wonderful... enthusiast tackle from around the world.

Product Category Date Awarded
Shimano Japan's '23 Vanquish C3000SDHHG Enthusiast Reels 5/29/23
UFO 6" Gill Swimbaits 12/8/22
Daiwa EXIST 22 G LT Reels 8/2/22
Abu Garcia LX992Z BFS 6/14/22
Shimano 22 Aldebaran BFS Enthusiast 4/28/22
Sneaky Baits "Sneaky" Rat Swimbaits 11/12/21
G.Loomis NRX+ Bladed Jig Rod Rods 7/13/21
Gan Craft Killers KG-00 6-710EXH Dead Sword Enthusiast 6/3/21
Shimano's 2020 Conquest 100/101 DC Enthusiast 2/10/21
Dobyns Xtasy DRX724C Rods 8/15/20
Daiwa Millionaire CT SV70 JDM Reels 4/29/20
Megabass Garuda Lures 11/25/19
Wild Lures Japan Lures 9/2/19
Evergreen International's Inspire Super Stallion Black Enthusiast 11/4/18
Shimano Aldebaran MGL Enthusiast 8/5/18
Daiwa Ryoga 1520L-CC Enthusiast 6/24/18
Daiwa Exist LT Enthusiast 6/13/18
Shimano Stella FJ Enthusiast 5/28/18
Shimano Japan Calcutta Conquest BFS Enthusiast 1/31/18
St. Croix Legend Elite ES70MLF Rods 1/21/18
2016 Shimano Antares DC Reels 10/1/17
Megabass Onager Rods 8/23/17
Shimano Stella FI Reels 2/1/17
13 Fishing Archangel Rod Rods 9/8/16
Daiwa Japan's Ryoga Shrapnel Reels 6/15/16
Sunline Shooter Defier Armilo Lines 5/25/16
F4.5-610ti Elseil Evoluzion Rod 3/1/15
Steez STZ701MLFSA-AGS Rod 4/6/15
Daiwa Steez EX spinning Reels 5/30/13
Megabass LIN 10 Enthusiast Reels 4/22/12
Evergreen International Husky Winder Enthusiast Rods 4/4/12
Daiwa Steez Megatop Rod Rods 11/12/11
Shimano Japan Conquest 51 DC Enthusiast Reels 8/24/11
Daiwa Pixy PX68 Enthusiast Reels 7/4/11
G.Loomis NRX Drop Shot Spinning rod Rods 6/29/11
Megabass F1-66ZKS Kirisame Limited Enthusiast rods 5/22/11
Evergreen International's Fastbreak Alley-Oop! Enthusiast rods 3/29/11
Megabass ARMS A6505X Paraizo Rods 11/12/10
Daiwa Steez XBD Frog Rod Rods 9/4/10
Daiwa HL-SSS Ringa 103L Reels 8/24/10
Evergreen International TKLC-66MH Black Raven Rod Rods 4/21/10
Megabass Tomahawk F4-72GTZ ICBM BGS Rod Rods 1/7/2010
22nd Century Nezumma Rat Lures 8/08/09
Daiwa Fle-X-Lite Crankbait Rod Rods 8/16/09
Daiwa Zillion Swimbait Rod Rods 2/22/09
Daiwa Pluton Reels 1/15/09
Daiwa Zillion Swimbait Rod Rods 2/22/09
Daiwa Pluton Reels 1/15/09
Ito Monoblock Reels 9/21/08
Nories Trout Program Stream 63 Rod 8/24/08
Shimano Metanium Mg DC Reels 6/17/08
Megabass White Python Rod 4/22/08
Shimano Japan Final Dimension rod Rod 4/13/08
Evergreen Opus 1 Reels 8/26/07
3:16 Wake Jr Swimbait Lures 7/7/07
Lamiglas XMG50 Rods 5/6/07
Daiwa Exist 2004 Reels 3/19/07
Megabass F5 1/2-68XFti Diablo SB Rods 5/20/07
Megabass Asylum tackle box Enthusiast Storage 10/9/06
Daiwa Japan Steez Enthusiast Reels 7/9/06
Shimano Calais 4x8 DC Reels 9/13/06
Daiwa Steez STZ631 Rods 11/20/06
Jerry Rago Baby Tool Swimbait Lure 12/10/06
Megabass F3-61DGS Aaron Martens Limited Rods 11/16/05
Shimano Conquest DC & Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Reels 10/31/05
Megabass PopMax Lures 10/13/05
TD-Ito Reels 5/03/05
Megabass Super Destroyer Rods 4/05/05









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