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Autopsy Article

TackleTour Autopsy : Megabass Vision X-110 - Seriously?


Date: 2/6/11
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Cal



Introduction : During the 2010 Holiday Season, Megabass Japan released yet another new version of their popular Vision X-110 jerkbait, the Vision X-110 "Mugnum." It is said to be a beefier, version of the original and based on the floating model introduced a couple of years ago. One has to wonder if this same bait or another variation thereof will make it Stateside or not.


Megabass Vision X-110 Autopsy ... Seriously?


On that popular topic of JDM versus USDM baits from Megabass, I decided to take two of my three bait boxes filled with Vision X-110's into the lab and discern, once and for all, the differences between the down eye (USDM) and straight eye (JDM) versions of this bait.


Even the wit and humor of our good friend, Pete Robbins, is of little consolation when it comes time to sacrifice two $25 baits.


The Megabass Vision One-Ten : Megabass's Vision X-110 is arguably their most coveted bait. It has been around for more than a decade, but back in 2006, shortly after our review on this bait went live, word got around that early season tournaments were being won on this very bait.


The Vision X-110 is arguably, Megabass's most successful bait.


Suddenly, supply of the 110 was scarce as Megabass Japan was caught in their off season meaning no baits were being produced, and shortages of the bait went global. It was the perfect storm : A positive TackleTour review, several tournament wins, short supply of product. The most coveted colors (e.g. Pro Blue and Deadly Black Illusion) sky rocketed in value easily exceeding $100 on that online auction site.


Zander's review of this bait back in 2005 was pretty conclusive ...


Two Separate Visions? : If you paid close attention at that time, it was not only a handful of colors that sold at over four times their retail value, but a certain version of those two colors, the ones with the straight eyes. Word on the dock amongst those in the know is the straight eye and down eye versions of the Vision X-110 are not one in the same bait. Naturally, the JDM version (the bait with straight eyes) is deemed as better than the USDM (down eye) version. But why? Claims are that the two baits do not behave the same in the water.


... but while I had them here, I figured, might as well subject them to the finish test.


Specifically, the JDM version is supposed to suspend with a body position more parallel to the surface where the USDM version doesn't suspend but instead floats to the surface with a head down position in the water. What better candidate for a TackleTour Autopsy than the two different versions of this bait?


The straight eye version (left) floats just a tad higher than the down eye version (right), but it's obvious they both float at the same head down angle in the water.

Of course, deciding to perform a bait autopsy and actually following through with it are two different things. The float test was easy. As you can see from the photograph above, our experiment in the test tank did not show any significant differences. While our straight eye Vision X-110 sat with its tail about an eight of an inch out of the water versus the down eye version that barely touched the surface, both baits sat at the exact same down angle in our test tank.

Hachiro Reaction is a very minimalist finish, but it held up really well.

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