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TackleTour Autopsy

TackleTour Autopsy: Donít Mess with the Ima Big Stik


Date: 4/14/11
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Ima
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: The Big Stik was created by IMA and Pro Angler Randy Pringle to draw big strikes from big fish and is not limited to use for just largemouth bass. This lure is designed to attract just about anything that swims that is large and aggressive enough to take on this noisy side to side moving oversized pencil bait.


Meet the Ima Big Stik

We took this lure to the Amazon and while other lures wilted under the pressure of ferocious Peacock Bass the Big Stik performed beautifully and was able to both draw plenty of topwater strikes as well as stand up to the pressure of these hard running fish. So impressed were we with the durability of this lure that we moved up to the top of our list for autopsies.

The Big Stik is basically an oversized pencil popper and features a larger tail section

The Big Stik was designed by Randy Pringle a West Coast Pro Angler and renowned guide on the California Delta. Randy targets a variety of species and is an expert at hunting both Bass and Stripers and also has made a few trips down to the Amazon to target Peacocks.

The mouth of the lure is designed to spit a lot of water

When creating the Big Stik he told us that key attributes that he wanted to make sure were integrated into this lure was a strong side to side walking motion,  plenty of noise and vibration to call up fish, and the durability to withstand brutal strikes from top of the food chain species.

At rest the lure's head peeks over the water line

The Big Stik can be classified as a topwater pencil popper style bait that features a wider tail section and more slender head, this design aids in the lureís wide side to side walk the dog motion. The lure is 7 inches in length and weighs in at 1.75oz., which is surprisingly heavy for such a bait of this size. The Big Stik comes armed with two Owner ST-66 #1/0 hooks and the lure is available in a wide range of metallic and transparent patterns.  

The tail section is weighted to assist with both casting and retrieve action

The Big Stik features a relatively small head with large oversized eyes that appear to peer downwards. The bait's mouth is designed to spit water and create additional commotion, like batifish breaking the surface when fleeing prey. The position on the line tie below the water level helps the lure really dig in and displace large amounts of water when retrieved.

Removing the owner hooks

For our autopsy we pulled out one of the very lures we fished in the Amazon, a Trash Fish patterned Big Stik which had survived multiple encounters with Peacocks yet besides a few minor scratches looked relatively new. Unlike the wood based Woodchoppers, that got eaten up in the Amazon, this particular lure took a beating and was really no worse for wear.

Clamped down and ready for autopsy

We observed the lure at rest in the test tank and found that the tail section sat lower than the head due to both the hooks and internal weighting. This rear weighting is no accident and is designed to make the Big Stik easier to cast long distances. Once in the water the weighting serves another purpose and makes the lure swing side to side at the right angle once you start your retrieve. This makes it easier to get the big Stik to walk at the right tempo over a shorter start up distance.

The Big Stik's finish is quite durable...


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