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Lure Review

Creature Fever: The Zoom Super Hog Is A New Take On An Old Favorite


Date: 6/21/13
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Zoom
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 8.0 - GREAT

Introduction: Sure, creature baits have been around awhile, but the variety that's currently available is downright excessive. From craws, to lizards, to baits that look like they came from outer space, there is certainly an immense selection available on the market. Even though new creations seem to pop up every year, a few designs have stood the test of time. One such bait is the Zoom Brush Hog. When this offering hit the market many years back, it quickly became the latest “gotta have it” bait. With the extreme popularity of the Brush Hog, it only makes sense that variations of this bait would eventually pop up. The Super Hog is just such a variation, taking the basic Brush Hog body and adding on a slightly different “rear end”. Is this bait truly an improvement for some applications, or is it just a quick creation designed to fool more anglers than fish?


Zoom Super Hog Specifications

Type Creature Bait
Class Soft Plastic
Depth Any
Size 4 inches
Colors/Patterns 14 colors
MSRP $3.99 (Pack of 10)

Each package of Super Hogs comes in a resealable plastic pack.

Impressions: The Zoom Super Hog takes the standard Brush Hog and changes it up a bit. While the body still retains the same shape and mass, it's the tail end of the bait that has been altered. What this creates is a much more compact bait that's easier to flip and pitch into cover.

The compact design allows it to slip into cover with ease.

The body of the bait is the same thickness as a standard Brush Hog, which in turn gives it a nice, meaty appearance. It also lends itself very well to a larger hook size, including thicker gauge super line hooks. The same arm design remains as well, which has always reminded me of someone standing with their hands on their hips.

Though only 4 inches long, the bait still resembles a substantial meal.

Moving on to the tail is where the biggest changes are seen. While I wouldn't say the changes are drastic enough to really make it “Super”, this new design should prove especially beneficial to those that pitch and flip. The 2 side flaps remain, but the long ribbon-like legs found on the Brush Hog have been removed in favor of what I call a “pincer style” tail. The pincers are built together as 1 piece, but are very easily split to create added action. The look and design of the tail reminds me of another favorite bait of mine, the Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver.

The rear pincers are held together by a small bit of plastic and are able to be easily separated for increased action.

I've always considered Brush Hogs to be a pretty durable bait, capable of catching multiple fish before getting too roughed-up to go on. That same plastic consistency seems to have carried over to the Super Hog, which means these will not fall apart after one 2lb Bass. These baits feel neither too soft nor too hard, as they seem to sport just the right amount of firmness to perform at their peak without falling apart. 

The June Bug color excels in dirty water conditions.

Real World Tests: I put the Zoom Super Hog to good use in the ponds and canals of southwest Florida. Since this is a creature bait meant to be fished around the gnarly stuff, I fished it on nothing but braided line and a medium heavy or heavy action rod. Hook sizes ranged from a standard 3/0, to a 5/0 super line hook.

The large side flaps quiver noticeably even on the slightest twitch.

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