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Lure Review



Z-Man & Evergreen International's Jack Hammer Stealth


Date: 3/30/21
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Z-Man & Evergreen
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD

The collaboration of Z-Man and Evergreen International that resulted in the creation of the renowned Jack Hammer Chatterbait literally shook the bladed jig market. That lure is to its classification of baits as the Vision OneTen is to its own. That unprecedented popularity and effectiveness often leads to two eventualities - a rash of similar product by other manufacturers, and a catalog of variants from the originator.


Introducing Z-Man and Evergreen International's most recent collaboration, the Chatterbait Jack Hammer Stealth

Z-Man actually originated the "Chatterbait." They own the patent, and of course, the Jack Hammer is actually a variant of the original design. 2020 marked the introduction of the first Chatterbait variant that also bears the "Jack Hammer" name. As the world emerged from the dark winter that was 2020, we finally found the chance to fish this variant over the course of several outings. Here now is our look at Z-Man and Evergreen International's Jack Hammer Stealth Chatterbait.


Z-Man & Evergreen Jack Hammer Stealth Blade Specifications

Type Bladed
Skirt Material Silicone
Weight 3/8, 1/2 oz
Colors/Patterns 7
Hook Decoy (fluorine coated)
Additional Features Clear, Polycarbonate Blade
MSRP $15.99


Impressions: I know what you're thinking. How can a bait that has in its name the words Jack Hammer and chatter be considered stealth? That's like an oxi-whatever-ma-call-it, is it not? Is it just appearances? This new bladed jig variant features a polycarbonate lip with a reinforced metal washer of sorts at the connection point. The jighead for both versions is identical but the loops coming out of what would be the jig's nose are different. It is much more elongated in the Stealth.


The most obvious difference is that blade


From there, it's obvious the original Jack Hammer has a much fuller skirt and while both are hand tied, the original is tied with thread while the Stealth's skirt is tied on with a very thin gauge wire. The hooks are identical in appearance, but the Stealth's is made by Decoy with a fluorine coating for easier penetration with light line.


The Stealth features a polycarbonate blade with beveled edges


Head shapes are identical but that connection point to the blade is different


A closer look at the Stealth's blade reveals a beveled edge and the use of an ovalized split ring as the line tie instead of a clip. That metal, reinforcing washer I referred to is actually in the shape of a figure eight with one hole reinforcing the blade's connection to the jighead, the other serving as the connection to the line tie split ring. The polycarbonate lip actually surrounds that washer so unlike a metal bladed jig, there is no real structural element behind this polycarbonate blade. It's simply there to create vibration and erratic swimming behavior.


The Stealth's skirt (left) is also not as full as the original (right)


Ready for some cool weather action

Real World Tests: The Jack Hammer Stealth is offered in both three eighths and half ounce (3/8 & 1/2oz) sizes. I fished both on a variety of setups from late Fall 2020 through Spring of 2021. Not exactly prime time for bladed jigs but I was anxious to see what this new bait was about. The rods I used ranged from medium heavy powered in my vintage JDM Daiko Cobretty RC67/007 Dempsey and my ARK Rods Reinforcer RFC71MHXC to my medium light powered 2021 Kistler Helium HE701MLF.

I liked this bait best with my slower retrieve, Conquest 51

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