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Lure Review


Trophy Bass Baits's Intriguing SGT Glide


Date: 9/23/19
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Trophy Bass Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.33 - GOOD

With so many new and established companies doing their best each year to grab their piece of the bass fishing pie, it can be difficult to keep up with what's new and exciting. Quite often, when I find my enthusiast soul in need of nourishment, I surf TackleWarehouse.com to see if there's a product that somehow escaped my radar. Recently, I came across one such product from a new to me bait manufacturer. Here's a look at Trophy Bass Baits's SGT Glide Bait.


Trophy Bass Baits SGT Glide Bait Specifications

Type Glide Bait
Length 9.25"
Weight 5.1oz
Sink Rate Slow Sink
Material Hard plastic covered in soft plastic
Colors 4
Hooks Does not include hooks - recommended #1/0 front #1 Rear
MSRP $99.99


Introducing Trophy Bass Baits's SGT Glide


Impressions: Just when I thought the list of big bait manufacturers had somewhat stabilized, I came across Trophy Bass Baits's product at TackleWarehouse. Their SGT Glide bait measures just over nine inches in length and a hair over five ounces in weight. It is a hard bodied (I'm assuming plastic) bodied bait sheathed in soft plastic.


The bait comes un-rigged and without stock hooks or even split rings to attach hooks. All the manufacturer provides are hook loops on the bottom and top of the bait leaving the rest for you to decide. For bottom rigging, the manufacturer does recommend a #1/0 front and #1 rear treble.

An eccentric bait calls for an eccentric combo

Real World Tests: I figured a someone eccentric bait like the SGT Glide deserves a somewhat eccentric combo to throw it with, so I chose my Deps DR-Z2020XHL reel paired with my Deps Huge Custom, Monster Hunting, 7'-3", spiral wrapped casting rod to test this bait. This rod has no line or lure rating on it, just the description of 3x-extra heavy. I spooled the reel with some fresh Sunline Supernatural in 30lb test just for the occasion.

One thing I did not like about this bait were the cloudy eyes

Castability: All it really takes to cast a legit, big bait is a stick capable of handling the heft. Fortunately, that Deps stick I chose has plenty of fortitude to launch the five ounce SGT Glide. The bait itself sails through the air predictably and lands with the requisite commotion. There's no finesse casting of a bait this size.

Tough to see with this color combination, but the two halves are held together with a kevlar mesh fabric

Rate of Fall: Once it splashes down, the slow sinking begins at a rate roughly equivalent to one foot every second and a half to two seconds. The SGT Glide does so in a very neutral position with the bait's body parallel to the surface.

The mesh fabric affords this bait a really good range of motion if needed

Click your reel over to begin your retrieve and the SGT Glide does indeed glide side to side in a very enticing manner. This is actually a very fun bait to watch swim and it will do some of those tricks spinning around 180 degrees, etc., if you choose to work it and make it dance.

My preference these days is simply for the straight retrieve and having the bait glide from side to side with only the occasional pause. Most of the time, when I try to get the bait to spin around, I end up fouling the line, so I've stopped doing that.

The SGT Glide's tail

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