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Watercraft Accessory Review

Easier Hookups with the Trailer Valet


Date: 4/15/13
Tackle type: Watercraft Accessory
Manufacturer: SuperTech
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

There are a few situations when you are most likely to hear anglers yell out four letter expletives, when they miss strikes or break off big fish or when they are doing the dance of backing their vehicle back and forth trying to position their hitch under their trailer receiver. Doing this under the cover of night is never fun and for some watercraft owners it can be a downright ordeal to get the boat out of a tight area behind the fence and down a steep driveway. To make the entire process easier a company called SuperTech has introduced a new product called the Trailer Valet. As the name of the product implies this device is designed to make it both quick and easy to get your trailer hitched up by yourself.


Trailer Valet Specifications

Material Steel construction with hammered powder coated finish
Sizes One (Minimum height of 12.5 inches, maximum height of 23.5 inches, lifting range of 11 inches)
Weight 38lbs. (Including all mounting hardware)
Features Patented gear system, dual 9 inch tires, braking system, 1 year warranty
MSRP $399

The Trailer Valet arrives straight from the manufacturer

Impressions: My previous truck did not have a built in rear view camera and lining up the trailer tongue wasn’t always a quick and easy affair. It didn’t help that my boat was parked on about a 20 degree grade and I didn’t have the ability to reposition the trailer as I had to leave the chocks in until after I was fully hitched up. After time I was able to do this without more than one correction by just getting used to the “feel” of both the position of the tongue and my truck but when I got my new truck one of the things on my “must have” list was a backup camera that provided a good view of my hitch placement. The backup camera did exactly that and has helped cut down my hookup time and effort significantly, but as my boat is still parked on a grade there have been times when the ability to move the boat without hitching up or repositioning the boat have left me desiring a device that could provide this additional flexibility.

Ready for installation

Enter the Trailer Valet, a device that is designed to make it easier to maneuver your trailer to your vehicle as well as navigate your trailer through tight spaces. The team at SuperTech came up with the idea for the Trailer Valet by observing watercraft owners struggling to move large heavy trailers into hook up positions and around storage areas. This device looks like a beefed up trailer jack and can either replace or mount on the other side of your factory jack. The device is capable of a maximum height of 23.5 inches and a minimum height of 12.5 inches, and supports a lifting range of 11 inches. The device does weigh quite a bit at 38lbs. (including mounting hardware), and is built out of high quality steel and is finished with an attractive hammered powder coat.

Not a real extensive manual here, the device is designed to be both easy to install and operate

Real World Tests: To test the Trailer Valet we took notes on everything from the initial installation of the device to how well it performed under a variety of situations. We employed the device on only one trailer (single axle Triton) but did use it on a range of inclines up to 28 degrees on various surfaces ranging from traditional concrete to pavers and even river rock and gravel.

First things first let's mount the mounting clamp in position

Operation: The Trailer Valet arrived direct from the manufacturer in a large branded cardboard box. Inside the device was fully isolated within a custom foam mold and there was not a whole lot in terms of documentation as the installation is just a few steps and operation is also quite self explanatory. I hitched my boat up the old fashioned way and parked it on the street where there was a flat surface to start the installation of the mounting clamp. The entire installation took less than 10 minutes and basically entails selection the right position for the mounting clamp and securing it with the included brackets and four bolts.

The Trailer Valet is now ready to be attached to the receiver on the clamp

Once bolted on the Trailer Valet can now be locked into position with a stow pin which is the same hardware that is used to put the device into the raised position when not in use. In the lowered position I detached the trailer and proceeded to explore the basic use of the device. I found that I was able to quite easily move my trailed back and forth in different directions by simply turning on the Trailer Valet’s handle crank. I was basically driving the trailer back and forth using the crank and handle to guide the trailer both backwards and forwards.

On the receiver the device can be turned and cranked forwards and backwards


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