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Reel Review

Tech Tackle precision reels and rods are sure to bring a smile to any angler (continued)

Energy PT-XMetal: The first time I saw the real Quantum Energy PT-Xmetal I remarked how cool the Titanium multi-colored highlights were on the reel. It is nice to see that Tech Tackle has brought this over to their precision miniature. While this finish won't see to change color in different light like the real thing, it does give you reasonable facsimile of the effect. Of all the Tech Tackle rigs I have seen this is my favorite. The reel is very small, with the body actually smaller than a dime in size. The Tour Edition PT rod looks great, especially the handles and reel seat. On this reel you can't cast and like all the other eels the drag star doesn't move, but you can retrieve. The reel clicks as you release and retrieve line, keeping tension on the spool at all times. No backlashes here.

Are you a baitcasting fan? The Energy PT X-Metal looks cool in "mini" size


This reel is tiny, well under a Quarter in size


Gloss on the Quantum Tour Edition rod


The action of the rod is pretty realistic


Yes these guides are actually wound on. Also notice the replica Eagle Claw hook


Dwarfed by the real thing


Try thumbing this reel


Even the handle grips are ergonomically shaped like the real thing


I couldn't stop smiling as we were taking pictures of this miniature side by side the original. While the reel looks a tad bit longer and thinner than the real thing, Tech Tackle has still done a fine job capturing that "mini-me" feel with this particular setup.

Next Section: Do they make anything outside of Quantum? 










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