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Lure Review

Jerking for gamefish with the Strike Pro Jer-O-Minnow

Date: 6/15/04
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Strike Pro
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.5

Introduction: Big ocean, big fish, and big lures. The Strike Pro Jer-O-Minnow 130 targets sizeable gamefish as its sub-surface action imitates wounded or fleeing baitfish with every twitch, jerk, or rip. We test the Jer-O-Minnow's effectiveness on saltwater and freshwater Stripers.


Strike Pro Jer-O-Minnow 130 Specifications

Type Saltwater Jerkbait
Class Suspending
Colors/Patterns 10 available
Size 5 1/8"
Weight 1 oz.
Hook size #4
Price $11.29

Impressions: Strike Pro makes a comprehensive line of high quality lures and the Jer-O-Minnow is no exception. This minnow lure features a unique body contour and patterns that are attractive from various angles. In fact, as light hits the lure from various angles the details of the Jer-O-Minnow really show. The Jer-O-Minnow is armed with three extremely sharp saltwater worthy VMC hooks and the lure itself along with its components and layers of paint are all top notch.


Introducing the Strike Pro Jer-O-Minnow 130, a saltwater jerkbait that sports 3 VMC treble hooks

Field Tests: The Jer-O-Minnow 130 is a saltwater jerkbait, but can also can pull double duty targeting fish such as bass, pike, red fish, snook, and much more. I tested this Strike Pro lure for Striped Bass in the California Delta, O'Neill Forebay, and in the San Pablo Bay, jerking and ripping away at these aggressive gamefish.


Casting: Casting the Jer-O-Minnow 130 is easy and it really goes the distance without any difficulty. Being a larger lure weighing in at 1 ounce, I recommend a two handed cast where you can fling this minnow bait far afield while targeting fish in the wide open water. A heavier lure also requires a heftier rig to cast the bait effectively, and a thicker diameter line is required to bear the increased load.


The Jer-O-Minnow is extremely detailed in body patterns


Retrieving: This is where the Strike Pro jerkbait really shows off its abilities. Being big isn't always a good thing when it comes to refined movements, but the Jer-O-Minnow doesn't have any problems here.  While testing the lure, it did exceptionally well when retrieved at a constant speed, ripping, or jerking fast and slow. The Strike Pro Jer-O-Minnow has a tight and accurate side to side wobble when retrieved and ripped. When twitched or jerked, the lure will dart side to side like a wounded fish would, all the while its prism patterns flash and the rattle system adds the element of sound to the equation. With 15lb test line I was able to get the lure to its specified depth and with lighter line, even further down. When pausing in between retrieves, the Jer-O-Minnow suspends patiently and sits in the water with a convincing posture.


Notice the contour body design on this jerkbait

Additional Notes:
 As you've read from past reviews, Strike Pro incorporates many layers of quality paint on their lures and the same is true with the Jer-O-Minnow. The durability on the paint job and finish is first-rate, but like any lure, even those with the highest quality, the minnow will eventually take on scratches from the sharp hooks. This is what we would consider normal wear and tear, and didn't alter the performance of lure in our tests.


The lure's 3 VMC Vanadium round trebles are forged for extra strength and have a distinctive cut point. It is razor-sharp and extremely hard, and doesn't require sharpening even after landing countless stripers.  Running the point on the fingernail after many field trials, the hook still proved to be exceptionally sharp. One must also be careful when removing the lure from the fish since there are 3 hooks. Some anglers might chose to remove the center treble hook, but replace it with either a barbless single hook or a cut single hook. The reason for this is to keep the lure balanced so the designed action can still be achieved.


Jerk or rip the Jer-O-Minnow 130 for aggressive Striped Bass


Price: At a price of $11.29, the Jer-O-Minnow might not appeal to very price sensitive anglers. But remember, the Strike Pro lures are designed to be a premium lure, going head to head with other brands such as Lucky Craft, Team Daiwa, and others. While Strike Pro may not bear the same brand awareness as some of its competitors, anglers can rest assured that these high quality lures are indeed the real deal when it comes to quality of design and construction.


Strike Pro Jer-O-Minnow 130 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality This jerkbait is built using quality components and completed using high-grade paint 9
Performance Constant retrieve, rip, or jerk it for different actions and it will do its dance to lure a fish to strike.  The Jer-O-Minnow 130, a big lure, runs true and has a nice tight wobble.  It also imitates a wounded fish nicely and the flashy holographic finish attracts fish from afar 9
Price Check your line often because you don't want to lose one of these lures because they are not cheap 7
Features The lure features a beautiful paint job, sharp hooks, and a rattling sounds chamber to attract its predator 9
Design (Ergonomics) A luring contour and textured pattern body design and awesome colors to choose from that's sure to get hit by big fish 9
Application The 130 size is big as it's made to target bigger sized fish in both saltwater and freshwater 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Awesome patterns L Premium price
J Effective actions  
J Big fish lure  
J Saltwater worthy  

Conclusion: If jerkbait fishing is your game, then check out the Strike Pro Jer-O-Minnow 130. This large saltwater jerkbait is excellent for targeting aggressive gamefish that like to chase or attack wounded baitfish near the surface. The Jer-O-Minnow sports a very high quality finish that gives off plenty of flash coupled with strident vibrations from its rattle system. Being big, it still runs true with a nice wobble and side to side motion when jerked. This saltwater lure can also be used for freshwater species, but because of the larger size, it definitely works best for larger species, capable of inhaling larger prey. Strike Pro proved in previous tests that it had what it took to conceive small lures for finesse bass fishing, and with the introduction of the Jer-O-Minnow Strike Pro demonstrates that they have the capacity to take on the big boys too.









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