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Lure Preview

Storm Stuffed to the Gills with exciting new lures this fall

Date: 11/08/06
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Storm
Reviewer: Zander


Storm lures have grown in popularity in a big way over the last few seasons. A robust revamped product line, strong retail presence, and creative products at reasonable prices all have contributed to the brand's success. For the 2007 season Storm is introducing a slew of new baits that continue the brand's tradition for lifelike appearance and realistic swimming action.   


Big Bass Square

Big Bass® and Big Bass® Square: The Big Bass Square features a flat front lip to deflect off rocks and timber. “Many anglers have discovered the adrenaline rush of hooking on to a big hawg,” said Mark Fisher, Storm director of field promotions and fishing pro. “The new Big Bass series is sure to become their go-to lure when they’re looking for that adrenaline fix.” With a diving depth of 6 to 8 feet, it’s perfect for casting into shallow cover. The standard Big Bass features a round lip that gets it down quickly to a depth of 10 to 12 feet. It’s designed for working flats with small stumps and rocks. Suggested retail price: $5.99




ScatBack: This water-logged bug has a quick searching action and an internal rattle that is designed to target trout and panfish. The Scatback has a swimming depth of 1 to 3 feet. “No matter how long you’ve fished, or how many lunkers you’ve caught, hooking a nice bluegill or crappie on ultralight gear is still a thrill,” said Mark Fisher, Storm director of field promotions and fishing pro. “For trout anglers, the ScatBack will prove to be a valuable addition to your arsenal. Its shallow swimming depth of one to three feet makes it ideal for trout streams.” Suggested retail price: $4.49


Spin Tail Shad


Spin Tail Shad: Storm has a long history with swimbait style lures. The Spin Tail multi-species lure features a Colorado blade that lets you run the lure shallower and slower. The blade also adds flash and vibration and is designed to attract wary fish. This saltwater and freshwater delight comes in six patterns and two sizes. Suggested retail price: $2.99


Thunderstick Madflash


ThunderStick® Madflash: Often called “the fish slayer,” this walk-the-dog original has been helping anglers catch more and more fish. The Madflash features the Original ThunderStick design with an upgraded holographic finish with the same swimming action and rattle. Available in four sizes, anglers will be able to cover every depth and target multiple species. Suggested retail price: $4.99


Original Jointed Thunderstick


Original Jointed Thunderstick® : Designed for slow fishing the Thunderstick makes use of an internal rattle and wounded minnow wiggling action to entice fish. With a swimming depth of 2 to 4 feet this lure is designed to draw up big fish from below. Suggested retail price: $4.99

WildEye Live Herring


WildEye® Live Herring: From stripers to walleyes, the lifelike swimming action of the WildEye Live Herring is designed to keep fish coming back for more. With its internal weight system and natural color patterns this is the most realistic looking WildEye lure yet. Suggested retail price: $6.49


WildeEye Live P'Nut Bunker


WildEye® Live P’Nut Bunker: Cast it, swim it or troll it, this inshore/coastal lure is made to be fished at slow to moderate speeds. The P’Nut Bunker has ultra-realistic swimming action and a wide profile that are sure to grab the attention of stripers and other fish in the vicinity. Suggested retail price: $3.99

WildEye Live Goby


WildEye® Live Goby: A popular baitfish in the Great Lakes region, this bottom runner is perfect for casting, trolling or drifting. Its lifelike swimming action matches the real thing. “Ever since we launched the WildEye® Live series we’ve been adding different species imitations,” says Mark Fisher, Storm director of field promotions and fishing pro. “Every addition has quickly become a favorite, and we think that the Live P’Nut Bunker, Live Herring and Live Goby will prove extremely popular with saltwater and freshwater anglers.” Suggested retail price: $3.99


Jointed Minnowstick

Jointed Minnowstick: Two styles are designed to be cast or trolled. These lures create a panicked minnow action that will entice walleye and pike in multiple water conditions. Red VMC® hooks will ensure your trophy won’t be letting go. The Jointed Minnowstick will be available in eight great color patterns. Suggested retail price: $4.99


Kickin' Slab

Kickin’ Slab: These lifelike lures come in black crappie, bluegill and pearl color patterns. Their segmented body sports a kicking tail that fish that is designed to duplicate the tail action of a real panfish. Each lure comes rigged with a premium red in-line VMC treble hook. Suggested retail price: $2.99

Thunder Core Dawg Size 5


Thunder® Core Dawg Size 5: With all of the characteristics of its older brother, the new size 5 is designed to entice fish in the 1- to 4-foot depth. The durable outer soft body’s unique design allows four different triggering actions by simply modifying the hook placement. Suggested retail price: $4.99


Kickin' Minnow


Kickin’ Minnow: This rainbow trout features a segmented body with a kickin’ tail that is a favorite with West Coast bass anglers. Its soft plastic body and polycarbonate lip make this soft plastic look and perform like the real deal. The Kickin' Minnow is available in 3 sizes and nine colors. Suggested retail price: $6.99


Conclusion: In 2002 Storm breakthrough line of soft plastics helped make the company a dominant player in the industry today. Judging from this Fall's new lineup of lures Storm is going to garner a lot of attention from anglers yet again. In this lineup all of the lures look good but we are most excited about the new WildEye additions, its very good to see species specific baits that really mimic baitfish well. You can be sure that this season we will be tying on Live Herring and Goby. With the swimbait craze in full effect Storm lures are an exceptional bargain for anglers looking to dip their feet in the technique.











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