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Reel Review

The Daiwa Steez is light in Weight but not in Sophistication (continued)

Retrieve cont'd: Not only does the Core offer more power but the series also is faster overall than the Steez, as the Core 100MG has a 6.2:1 retrieve ratio and the Core 100MGFV has a blazing fast 7.0:1 burning retrieve. Yet when it comes to refinement and feel the Steez is undoubtedly the smoother reel. The Metanium Mg feels a little smoother than the Core, sacrificing a bit of weight by using bearings in the handles, but even the Metanium cannot match the Steezís friction free feel thanks to the overwhelming 12 bearing count.

The sideplate

My most memorable moment with the Steezís retrieve came not too long ago at Clear Lake. In terms of weather it felt like three different days on the water, the morning had started out dead calm and cold, with ice building up on not only the docks but the guides on our rods. Then the early afternoon the sun came out and it looked like a beautiful spring day, though short lived, as the late afternoon a massive storm rolled in right over the hill. We had been fishing over the entire lake and most of our fish had been caught with senkos and crankbaits.

Under the sideplate the spool is revealed

As the storm rolled in we could see curtains of rain on one side of the lake while on the other it was completely sunny. ďBetter get in the last few casts,Ē Cal said as we began to pack up our camera gear and tackle. We slowly drifted into a cove trying to avoid the wind as we packed up. As we drifted into shore I spotted some thick mats of vegetation alongside rocky walls. I cranked the area outside of the vegetation as Cal and JIP cut off their lures. Still nothing on cranks, and I decided to get in one more cast with a jig.

The Steez makes use of Daiwa's popular swept handle design

I punched the vegetation and a fish exploded on the jig before it had a chance to hit the bottom! As I was pulling the fish out of the vegetation it got stuck and I thought there is no way Iím getting this fish out with 10lb Fluorocarbon on the Steez. The Steez proved me wrong however and had the muscle to not only pull the fish out but a healthy amount of surface foliage along with it. When we boated the fish I was further shocked to discover that it was a double digit lunker. The Steez may weigh in as a lightweight but there has been more than one occasion when it proved to have the muscle necessary to tussle with big fish. (Round 2: If you value speed and power above all then the Core will be your choice but when it comes to all round retrieve feel and refinement the Daiwa Steez manages to edge out the Core with a very smooth and connected feel due to the Dura-Loc pinion and superior bearing count.)

The weather takes a bad turn during one of our field tests at Clear Lake, we could see a curtain of rain just outside the cove

Drag: Over the last year we have seen little to no degradation in the drag power of either the Steez or the Core. Both feature quality implementations and we can also report that both drags required absolutely no service over the past year to maintain that level of performance. So to compare the drags we go back to the root performance of both. The Daiwa Steez delivers 8.8lbs. of drag pressure and the Shimano Core is able to crank out 11lbs. of pressure. The Steezís 8 disc drag system can be adjusted in slightly smaller increments but when it comes to smooth power the Shimano Dartanium drag still reigns supreme. (Round 3: Shimano delivers a critical blow with their Dartanium drag which delivers a lot more drag pressure than you would normally expect in a lightweight reel.)

With a final cast a double digit bass falls to the Steez

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