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Lure Review


From Crawler to Star, Cranking it Up with Spro's RkCrawler 55


Date: 3/7/18
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Spro
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.92 - GOOD

Mike McClelland is well known as a jerkbait fisherman as is evidenced by the many variants of his McStick baits by Spro. But like many of us, he grew up throwing an old fashioned mid-depth running crankbait banging it against the bottom in about ten to twelve (10-12) feet of water searching for bass. A few years ago, McClelland convinced the folks at Spro to help him revive this genre of bait and today we take a close look at the result. Here now is our look at Spro's Mike McClelland RkCrawler 55 crankbait.


Spro RkCrawler 55 Crankbait Specifications

Type Mid Depth Crankbait
Length 55mm ~2.2"
Weight 1/2oz (0.475oz on our digital scale)
Depth 9-14ft
Material Plastic
Colors 10
Hooks #5 Gamakatsu
MSRP $9.29


Introducing the RkCrawler 55 by Spro.


Impressions: The RkCrawler is that rare, almost forgotten mid-depth crankbait designed to hit that nine to fourteen (9-14) foot depth most anglers target with jigs, drop shot rigs, Carolina rigs, etc.. The bait's body is just a hair under two and a quarter inches (2.25") in length, and the bait's overall length, with the bill is three and three eighths inches (3 3/8") It is a half ounce bait with internal bearings that offer a subtle knocking sound during the retrieve.

The RkCrawler has a nice, classic shape and profile.

Real World Tests: I fished the RkCrawler by Spro onboard my Shimano Conquest 51 spooled with 13lb Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon mounted on a Megabass Orochi X4 Destruction fishing rod. Zander and I went out in search of some mid lake humps and rock out croppings so we could see what this bait was about.

It comes with two #5 Gamakatsu Trebles.

Castability: First and foremost of course is the question of how this bait casts. As mentioned earlier, there are some internal bearings in this bait that give it a subtle knocking sound. These bearings aren't advertised as an internal weight transfer system and the degree of forward to back movement is small, but there is an impact during casts as the RkCrawler is another, very easy bait to cast from Spro.

Whether slinging away with a sidearm cast or going for broke overhead, the RkCrawler flies through the air very predictably.

A look at the bait's classic diving lip.

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