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Tools Review

Safely cut with the unique SOG Trident folding knife

Date: 9/15/05
Tackle type: Tools
Manufacturer: SOG
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.66

Pocket knives, or folding knives, have been around for ages. They are all similar but there are those companies who like to set themselves apart by bringing quality and innovative features to their products. SOG, develops some of the most unique knives on the market and has recently introduced the Trident, a new folding blade that sports a few very handy features of which anglers will surely enjoy.

SOG Trident (TF-1 Black TiNi) Specifications

Blade material AUS8 Stainless steel Rc 57-58
Handle material Zytel
Blade size 3.75" x 0.125"
Extended length 8.5"
Weight 4.5 oz
Clip Reversible SOG Bayonet clip
Features S.A.T., Groove™, lock, belt clip
Warranty Limited Lifetime
MSRP $108.00


Introducing SOG’s Trident TF-1 folding knife sporting many fisherman-friendly features

About SOG:
SOG has a history dating back to the Vietnam War when as part of a joint venture military operation called Studies and Observation Group, they designed and produced a knife that would withstand the toughest of environments. Today SOG produces some of the finest specialty knives and tools that are still designed by their co-founder and chief engineer Spencer Frazer. These unique and innovative folding knives, fixed blades, and multi-purpose tools are today, widely distributed around the world with the same fine performance the Special Forces used in the past war.


The Trident applies their S.A.T. to help quickly and easily open the blade with only one hand


Impressions: The team at SOG did right with the Trident TF-1 TiNi. Though it looks like an ordinary knife, this folding knife is quite impressive. SOG includes features that outdoorsmen, especially anglers, will surely find handy such as the TiNi coated blade, SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.), and the noticeable and unique Groove™. The Trident weighs in very nicely and has a good size handle for both small and large hands. In addition the knife has a locking feature that keeps the blade from accidentally coming open, and another mechanism to keep the sharp blade from closing when flipped open for use.


Groove™: This innovative feature is what sets the Trident apart from others. The patent pending Groove™ system is built into the handle and makes use of the closed blade and a slot in the handle, cutting just about any type of line such parachute cord, rope, and fishing line including braided and super lines.


The Groove™ is SOG’s unique feature that allows you to cut lines without opening the blade


The Groove™ was first developed after Navy SEALs thought open blades were too dangerous around fragile equipment and other fellow members. After puncturing a military inflatable boat and damaging other equipment when cutting ropes with an open blade, SOG then designed this effective safe system. Now the Groove™ sheath is not only used on the Trident but many other SOG knives as well.


S.A.T: SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.) was designed to help one open the knife easily and quickly, no matter if the person uses his/her right or left hand. The patented mechanism works with a constant force that opens the blade and a variable force that wants to close it. That means when someone opens the Trident the force to open is greater than closing which will spring open the knife virtually on its own.


The SOG Trident TF-1 is an essential tool for every outdoorsman

Field Tests:
I once read a survey somewhere about what one thing you would like to have with you if you're stranded in the wilderness, and someone answered a durable pocket knife because it's a tool they can rely on to cut, scrap, dig, and many more things that pertains to one's survival. Though I hope I would never end up in a situation like that, I have to agree with that statement. A knife is important, and even more important is a knife that's high performing and extremely reliable. We tested the SOG Trident while fishing and camping at Lassen National Park, on local lakes, and on the Pacific Ocean while targeting salmon, albacore tuna, and rockfish.


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