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Apparel Review

Going Rogue, Simms Hoody Style (continued)

Going Rogue cont'd: Unlike many other fishing garments the Rogue is one that you can, and will want to wear for other outdoor activities. On my recent trip to Joshua Tree in winter I enjoyed sunny but cold temperatures in the desert. The Rogue was the perfect garment for hiking through the varied terrain and even provided plenty of mobility for negotiating the rocks.

It was sunny and yet cold in the desert and the Rogue was a perfect garment for hiking

It was here in the high desert that I really appreciated just how durable this garment was. There really wasnít anything that I did when bass fishing on the deck of my boat or trout fishing in waders that could do anything to damage this garment, but here in the desert everything is abrasive or prickly.

This garment offers plenty of unrestricted motion

When climbing rocks the arms on the hoody came in constant contact with the rough granite surfaces and the outer shell proved to be a proper shield, taking no perceptible damage in the process. When hiking there were times when I was poked by yucca, creosote bushes and cholla, and while I was still able to discern the sharp pricks the garment survived and didnít exhibit loose threads or tears.

The Rogue does offer some water resistance allowing anglers to stay out in light rain or wade without worry of getting wet when splashed

Price & Applications: The Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody is available in a range of sizes from medium all the way to XXL but keep in mind that they seem to run large. I typically wear a medium or large but the medium sized Hoody was definitely a bit on the large size for me, which was ok because I did like the ability to layer up when necessary, and preferred the slightly larger hoody for more freedom of movement.

The interior is made warm and comfortable with a fleece lining

The areas that felt a little large were the sleeves and hemline as the garment is already designed long. If you normally wear a large a medium might do just fine. Also note that this garment is primarily polyester based so if you are hoping it will shrink, donít count on it. After numerous washes the garments have held up well and continue to fit the same, and the interior fleece has also remained undamaged.

The garment is 100% polyester


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