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Apparel Review

SIMMS New ExStream Jacket - Is It Enough?


Date: 3/5/14
Tackle Type: Apparel
Manufacturer: SIMMS
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 6.92 - GOOD

To say SIMMS, a company formerly dedicated to outfitting fly fishermen, has made a successful transition into outfitting fishermen in pursuit of all species, shapes, and sizes of fish would be putting it mildly. In fact, this manufacturer can now be considered a source quality products for many different types of outdoor clothing and accessories not just fishing. When TackleTour is outdoors on the water or out camping, chances are there are a number of SIMMS products being used. In fact, the subject of today's article is a piece of clothing, that at first glance, one might consider wearing out on the snow more so than out on the water. Introducing the SIMMS ExStream jacket.


SIMMS ExStream Jacket Specifications

Material 70 Denier, Nylon Diamond Weave
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Colors One
Features PrimaLoft® Synergy insulation, 3-point cinch removable storm hood, YKK® corrosion resistant front zipper.
Origin Made in China
MSRP $249.95


Quality/Construction: The ExStream jacket by SIMMS is built for cold conditions as either a mid or top layer coat. As with most SIMMS outerwear product, there is a matching pant for the jacket, but we only purchased the jacket for review.


Introducing SIMMS new ExStream Jacket.


The ExStream jacket is fully quilted like a standard down jacket only SIMMS is using the more water resistant and synthetic filler, PrimaLoft® Synergy. The channels are on medium to small in size meaning this jacket is built for someone who wants to move around and maintain agility. Because of the quilts, jackets like this have an incredible amount of threadwork, but our ExStream jacket's threads were all perfectly tight and secure as far as we could inspect.


Protecting this jacket is an outershell of 70 denier, diamond weave nylon.


The jacket's outer material is a 70 denier, diamond weave nylon that provides a degree of water and stain resistance. In hand, though the fabric has a good solid feel to it, it does feel a little thin and not as invulnerable as at typical outer layer fabric. The softer, nylon lining was also in good shape and all the zippers open and close predictably.


Quality Ratings for SIMMS ExStream Jacket

Thread Work (1-5)
Outer Material (1-5)
Lining (1-5)
Fasteners (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)


Performance: SIMMS markets this jacket for extreme conditions and we tested it during a November trip with Okuma to Arkansas for some striper fishing where temperatures, at times, dipped below 30 degrees. Worn with two or three layers underneath the jacket and at times, with a Gore-Tex shell on top, the ExStream jacket kept me warm and comfortable in temperatures from about the high thirties to low forties. Below these temperatures, I began to feel the chill in my bones.

Out on Lake Ouachita, Alabama with Capt. Phil Jaynes.

Because of the quilted channels holding its insulation in place, the ExStream jacket really looks like something made more for the snow than it does fishing. Even with its bulk, however, it's surprisingly comfortable to wear while fishing, and SIMMS did a very good job varying the degree of insulation around the sleeves to allow for good mobility even while casting. The bulk of the jacket is difficult to ignore when you first put it on, but after a while, out on the boat moving around as you need to while fishing, the jacket's bulk quickly becomes an afterthought.

The ExStream Jacket is bulky but provides excellent mobility.

The ExStream jacket's shell is made from a seventy denier diamond weave nylon material that provides good water resistance, but is not intended for torrential downpours. In those conditions, which we also experienced on this trip in Arkansas, I'd recommend throwing a waterproof shell of some sort over the ExStream jacket. In my case, I had a SIMMS Packlite Gore-Tex shell that fit perfectly over the ExStream. In mist, light rain, or experiencing the occasional splash from a feisty fish, the ExStream's water protection was just fine.

Performance Ratings for SIMMS ExStream Jacket

Wind Block (1-5)
Water Repellence (1-5)
Mobility (1-5)
Warmth / Breathability (1-5)
Adjustability of Fit (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)


Because of its lofty quilts, where you'd expect this jacket to excel is under conditions of wind. Thanks to its durable (and stain resistant) shell together with its synthetic insulation, the ExStream jacket should and does perform well under reasonable wind conditions. There were times, however, that the sub-thirty degree winds of Arkansas did penetrate the warmth of this jacket.

The fit of this jacket is somewhere between fit and relaxed.

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