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Rod Review

Shimano's Tescata rods work Lucanus Jigs with finesse (continued)

Retrieving cont'd: The extremely flexible tip on the Tescata rod provides plenty of give, even when you make upward movements, allowing ample time to apply subtle pressure on the fish so that they actually set themselves. When we detected bites we found that there really is no need to swing on the fish, in fact the harder we set the more fish I lost. Let the Tescata do the work and simply lift when the fish nibbles on the bait.

It is possible to cast smaller jigs overhand but I found underhand lob casts were good enough for this technique

Power: The TSC80L is the second lightest rod in the Tescata lineup and when I first started bending over the tip I was concerned with how well the rod would actually handle bigger rockfish like Cabazon and Lingcod. The tip on the rod is a lot lighter than what most rockfish anglers are used to when targeting these fish.  

The hook hanger doesn't get in the way

While fishing the Tescata I found it delivered an overall nimble feel all the way through the light tip, but never felt stressed when hauling rockcod up to 8lbs in weight. Any fish greater than 8lbs would arch the tip downwards but the top portion of the rod would transition amazingly smoothly to the surprisingly brawny butt section. 

The Tescata comes with Fuji Alconite guides

Sensitivity: While fishing with the Calcutta LJV is an added benefit the Tescata is a must for the optimal Lucanus experience. The Tescata feels light yet has an extremely forgiving yet sensitive tip that allows anglers to basically feed the jig to fish then load them up without shaking the small hooks loose.

Fishing the Tescata and Lucanus jigs doesn't require aggressive jigging action, and the technique is more about subtle retrieves

Anglers lose a bit of sensitivity with the leader but I strongly recommend the use of the leader as it provides a more subtle presentation for this slow moving bait, improves casting distance as the initial startup creates less friction in the Tescata’s Alconite guides, and most importantly acts as a shock leader helping keep fish buttoned on. Shimano sells a Wind-On leader but I found it easy and quick enough to tie my own leaders. Shimano’s leaders are a whopping 24 feet in length, and I found 15 feet was more than enough in our tests.

That's more like it!

Next Section: On to Ergonomics and Durability










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