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Lure Review



Reaction Innovation's New One Two Shiver Punch


Date: 3/18/18
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Reaction Innovations
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.92 - GOOD

If there's one technique that has dominated our reviews of late, it has been finesse. When we started the road down our What the Finesse themed year back in 2011, we had little idea it would grow to be one of our favorite themes and ways to catch bass. Now, with each passing year, we look for new gear to continue one of our favorite themes. Late in 2017, we caught wind of a new bait from traditional soft bait manufacturer, Reaction Innovations and here now is our look at their brand new Shiver Shot.


Introducing Reaction Innovation's new Shiver Shot.


Reaction Innovations Shiver Shot Specifications

Type Craw Bait/Trailer
Material Soft Plastic
Colors/Patterns 14
Sizes 3.65"
Scent/Plastic Treatment None
# per package 10
Resealable Bag? Yes
MSRP $4.79

The Shiver Shot is just over three and a half inches in length.

Impressions: The Shiver Shot is just over three and a half inches long soft plastic bait made in the general shape of a baitfish. The main body and head of the bait resemble the company's Skinny Dipper only with a flat, dolphin like spit tail rather than a paddletail.

The bait's body appears to be based off of the company's Skinny Dipper Bait.

Real World Tests: The Shiver Shot was my bait of choice on several trips with Phenix's new Feather FTX-S 71L spinning rod paired with a new, Abu Garcia Revo4 S spinning reel spooled with 10lb Sunline Super Natural nylon monofilament. My hook of choice has been Gamakatsu's G-Finesse Aaron Martens TGW Drop Shot hook.

Only the Shiver Shot has actual pectoral fins and a flat, dolphin-like forked tail.


Ease of Rigging : Rigging the Swivel Shot for fishing is pretty simple. I hook the bait like I would a minnow at the base of the head where the imaginary gills come together and then out through the top. However, if you use a small, thin wire, straight shank worm hook, you could also thread the bait onto the shank of the hook and leave the hook point protruding out the back of the bait.


It is indeed, a very effective drop shot bait.


Ease of Actuation : In the water, I let the bait dance on its own fishing it on tight line either just soaking the bait in one spot, or dragging it slowly along the bottom. I had best success just holding it there without shaking the rod tip. The bait is so small, trying to shake it around with the rod tip probably imparts too much movement for it to look natural.


But wait, there's more. Just as we were writing up this bait, Reaction Innovations sent us samples a new size with a new name.

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