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Lure Review


Return of the Vixen by Reaction Innovations


Date: 10/24/17
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Reaction Innovations
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

For years, Reaction Innovation's Vixen topwater walking bait was coveted for its easy walking, far casting, fish catching ability. But several years ago, for some unexplained reason, it disappeared from store shelves and was out of production. Then, a couple years ago, like Merle Dixon, the Vixen resurrected. However, unlike Merle, the Vixen did not return to us in zombified form. Is it still as effective? Let's take a look.


Reaction Innovations Vixen Specifications

Type Topwater Walking Bait
Length 4 3/4"
Weight 3/4 oz
Material Hard Plastic
Colors 10
Hooks 3x #4
MSRP $14.99


Like Daryl's brother Merle, the Vixen has returned  


Impressions: The Vixen has a classic walking bait cigar shape but with a tapered back end. There is no pronounced belly on this bait as there is with baits like Lucky Craft's Sammy, but the Vixen does feature a cut away at what would be its chin. This cut away area is slightly concave providing a surface for the bait to push against the surface of the water as you retrieve. The bait comes with three, very sharp treble hooks.

The Vixen has a very classic walking bait cigar shape.

Real World Test: I fished the Vixen tied to the end of my Megabass of America Destroyer Javelin and Shimano Chronarch MGL combo spooled with ten pound Sunline Super Natural monofilament. I'm finding the Javelin to be a very versatile stick capable casting and working topwater baits, lighter, more normalized big baits, soft plastics and more.

This bait works equally well tied direct or with a snap, but we prefer the snap for ease in switching colors and just a hair more freedom of movement.

Castability : The Vixen benefits from several internal bearings that shift from the front of the bait towards the back so when you cast this bait, all of its momentum pushes these bearings into the direction of the bait's travel helping sail more straight Adobe true than a bait not benefiting from this technology. The Vixen casts like a literal bullet sailing through the air with every snap of a cast. This is a fun bait to chuck into the wind.

The bait's head is quite angular at the bottom almost as if the chin was cut away.

Ease of Actuation : Once it lands in the water and you wait for the ripples to dissipate- or not - all it takes is a simple twitch of your rod tip to get the bait working from side to side.

As you make the Vixen do its dance, the bait lets out a very audible knocking sound announcing to your prey that its ready to assist their journey from the water into your boat - all it takes is a strike to silence its call.

You can see a slight cup where the bait's chin would be. This surface area pushes against the water to help give the Vixen its side to side swimming motion.

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