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Reel Review

Low Speed Cranking Reel Shootout Part 4: Energy for Power Cranking Courtesy of Quantum (continued)

Retrieving: With a Norman DD22 in the water I found that the Energy PT had more than enough power to crank the reel down to the desired depths and wind fish up from the depths. On a constant retrieve the Energy PT feels smooth, confident and powerful and it manages to do this while feeling very connected to the lure rather than overly buttery on the retrieve, something that is preferable when working reaction lures near structure.

Anglers with bigger thumbs will come in contact with the edges of the spool more frequently when feathering the spool on casts

With a lipless crank tied on I occasionally stopped the retrieve as I bounced the lure down the edge of rocky levees. It was then that I noticed a surprising amount of backplay in the handle of the Energy PT. Put your finger on the spool and rock the handle back and forth and the give is immediately perceptible. While not an issue during constant retrieves, stop and go cranking results in knocking between the axle and the gearing.

The ACS cast control system works well and the Energy PT is a great caster

Drag: Quantum has been promoting their ceramic drag technology for a number of years now and the system has proven to be both reliable and capable when it comes to generating above industry average drag pressure. In our lab we tested the drag and observed a max drag of 15.6lb.ís, this is slightly over 2lbs. less than Quantumís published specifications but still well above industry average.

The clutch is plastic and we wish it was coated or had a rubber insert to match the high quality finish exhibited on the rest of the reel

In the field we had the opportunity to test the Energy PTís ceramic drag against Stripers when fishing lipless cranks in the California Delta. With seven and eight pound fish on the line the Energyís ceramic drag system doled out the pressure consistently allowing the fish to run while maintaining proper amounts of pressure on the line. The use of ceramic washers is intended to reduce performance robbing heat during long runs and we found that the washers protected even 10lb. line effectively without losing any pressure after fighting a few schooling stripers back to back.

The face of the Energy PT looks aggressive and features venting for weight reduction

Durability: Quantum reels may not have always been known for their durability but the Energy PT will help change that. This reel is compact but feels very solid due to the one-piece aluminum frame and aluminum sideplates which create a very rigid yet undersized body.

The Energy PT is smooth yet anglers will feel connected to their lures

We didnít experience any problems with the reelís drag system and while the reel felt smooth throughout the entire season we were able to lube the reel in the field thanks to a smart maintenance port implementation. The port can be opened with a regular screwdriver and is located on the inner frame of the gearbox. Once the port cover is removed anglers have access to the main gearing and can easily add a little Quantum Hotsauce in the field.

The large barrel grips are ergonomically shaped for comfort


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