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A look inside the design of the Quantum Aruba PTs (continued)

Dual speed: When fishing for offshore game fish, a multi-speed reel is a must. The Quantum Aruba PTs trolling reels are all two speed reels each with different gear ratios. The ALD20PTs, ALD30PTs, and ALD30WPTs are all 3.2:1 or 1.7:1. Quantum recently introduced two higher speed models, the ALD20PTsX and ALD30PTsX. Both these reels share a gear ratio of 4.2:1 or 2.7:1. The ability to choose a robust conventional reel with a different set of speeds to match the targeted fish is definitely a plus.


Just a push of a button will engage or disengage the different speeds


Maintenance: While freshwater anglers can lube and grease their reels annually, saltwater anglers need to be more committed when it comes to maintenance. After each trip out in corrosive enviroments, saltwater anglers must perform a good cleaning, simple lube with both oil and grease, and a good wipe down before the next outing to ensure proper performance and durability of their reels. In most cases, an angler needs a good supply of quality tools to take apart their reel which can be a chore especially if you fish a lot and use many reels per trip.


Tool-less takedown makes maintenance simple. Pictured with the clamp nut assembly with the side ring tucked away


The clamp nut assembly with the side ring out and ready to be turned to takedown


When Quantum designed the Aruba PTs they wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition. One of the ways they accomplished this goal was to make maintenance "hassle-free." The Aruba PTs can be broken down without the need for any tools. This translates into quick and easy routine maintenance. To take apart the reel, simply unscrew the body via the ring on the non-handle sideplate and then gently slide the spool and handle assembly out. At this point, you have access to all the components you need to reach for basic maintenance and cleaning. All achieved without the use of a single tool.


When you start unscrewing the side ring the reel will begin to disassemble


After a while the entire spool and handle-side assembly will slide right out


Now you have easy access to do the most basic maintenance and wipe down after each trip


For those anglers who want to go one step further and break the entire reel into its individual components for full maintenance and rebuild, Quantum also makes this very simple to do. All you need is one tool, either a flathead screwdriver or a needle nose pliers to undo an e-clip, then every thing else comes apart by hand. Now you have full access to every component for oil, lube, and wipe down.


Notice the red tag inside the frame. You must align the tab between the two posts when assembling the reel


This is how it looks after you have removed the frame from the rest of the reel


A look at the spool and the spool shaft


Conclusion: From what we have seen thus far, Quantum has done a fine job with the design and construction of this conventional trolling reel. The machined frame and sideplates are executed precisely, internal parts are high quality, and of course, the new bearings. Too bad we couldn’t get more information on the proprietary Nitrogen-Alloy PT bearings but with what our bearing expert was able to discern and from the basic information available from Quantum, it seems these bearings will hold up nicely against saltwater corrosion. One element we really like about this reel is that it requires zero tools to breakdown for basic maintenance and cleaning. This innovative feature will make oil, lube, and wipe downs less of a chore increasing the possibility basic maintenance will actually be performed post every trip to ensure the reels are ready for that next adventure. Next up for the Aruba PTs is our actual in-depth report on how this reel handled intense field tests with saltwater big game.












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