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Reel Review

Burn Baby Burn! The Ultra high speed Tour Edition PT from Quantum (continued)

Durability: Quantum has gone a long way to make the Burner bulletproof. This reel uses more exotic materials and processes than just about any reel in it’s class. Examples include the Ceramic drag and levelwind systems, Titanium vacuum deposition coating, and of course…hot sauce molecular lubricant. We tried scratching the Titanium coating with fish hooks, nails, and friction with carpet to simulate extended wear and tear….no such luck.


After it is unlocked the plate can swing downawards

The reel’s hardy exterior is a worthy shield from not only the elements but owner laxity as well. These same tests would reek havoc on the exterior of most any other baitcaster. The plating on this reel may not look as interesting as the multi-colored energy PT, but the deep blue look should appeal to many anglers that prefer simpler reel designs, and rest assured it is just as equally resilient. The coating on this reel is prone to temporary discoloration from the oil in your hands. The reel also may appear spotty when water spots dry on the reels surface. At the end of each use we simply wiped the reel down with a soft moist towel and the reel looked as good as new. 


A look at the plate ring and bearing housing

The guts of this reel are also impressive. While the reel is not as low profile as the previous generation PT, it does now sport superior gearing. The gears are larger and are even harder than before, making them much more able to withstand pressure for a longer length of time, essentially preserving out of the box feel and refinement for more seasons.


The spool can now be removed


The ACS brake weights are housed on the spool assembly


The spool shaft


Palming is possible, but not as easy as many other reels

Price: Just four seasons back I would have grimaced at the thought of paying even close to 200 dollars for a Quantum reel. The company has come around faster than anyone thought possible, and their new offerings are nothing short of fantastic. Not only does Quantum build quality product now, they are innovating….and doing so at a greater rate than most manufacturers. From the inside out the Burner is a design from the ground up, and we can tell. The engineers at Quantum have taken everything they have learned and put it good use resulting in a reel that is worth the 229.99 dollar price tag associated with ownership.

The Burner proved excellent for Bass and exhibited both speed and little reduction in power due to its high gear ratio



Quantum Tour Edition PT "Burner" (TE1170PT) Ratings (?/10)


A solid new frame with durable components including the scratch-resistant titanium vacuum deposition coating. The Burner may not scream "look at me" as much as the Energy PT but it is built like a solid performer that is ready to do battle with the biggest of fish. Great components throughout, but use of so much metal has a price...and that is overall weight in the this case


Cast control system is very good, and the reel makes a sweet mid-toned whine upon each and every cast. The reel feel refined but still isn't the smoothest reel out there despite having such a high bearing count. Overall the reel is smooth and strikes a nice balance between speed and power


A Quantum reel for over 200 dollars? That's right. This reel may not be the cheapest Quantum reel out there but anglers get a lot of reel for the money. This reel is worth the money and has what it takes to compete with the big boys in the low 200 dollar category


Sports many advances that provide the performance and quality that makes up this reel such as the new Infinite ACS centrifugal cast control system. The blazing speed offered by this reel opens up doors for power fishing anglers

Design (Ergonomics)

With the increased gear, solid cold-forged handle, and other new components, the reel received a slight increase in weight which we would like to see reduced in future designs and a slightly lowered stance for superior palm-ability


This reel is light saltwater capable and can handle everything from bass to stripers and reds. The speed makes it less of a good choice for any species that require a lot of power like some inshore Rockies, but then again this reel was really built for tournament bass fisherman...and in that application it excels


Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Balance of Speed and Power L Overall weight a bit heavy
J Doesn't make sacrifices to achieve speed L Wish it had a lower stance for better palm-ability
J Engaged and refined feel  
J Excellent cast control range  
J Sweet casting "whine"  
J Titanium finish on Burner is slick  
J Blistering speed opens up more applications for anglers  


Conclusion: Power fisherman apply here, the Burner has your name all over it. Its no surprise that Kevin Van Dam personally endorses this reel, sure the man is sponsored by Quantum, but there’s no denying the Burners ability to match his aggressive fishing style. I found the Burner to be the best Quantum reel I have ever fished, and actually better than many competitor reels in terms of both design for application and durability. The Burner is near perfect, and would be an absolute lock for an award if they could just lower the profile and find a way to reduce the reel’s total weight below 9oz. Sure I’m asking for the cake and to eat it too, but why not? Quantum’s committed to bringing innovative and exciting products to market, reels like the Energy PT and Burner models prove that. The company’s absolutely on the right track, and the Burner is a superb choice for aspiring power fishers. So good in fact that it has become my reel of preference for fishing oversized jerkbaits like large lipped minnows. On numerous days during our tests I found myself casting and burning back a variety of baits back to the boat, often losing track of time as I relished the reel’s brilliant casting ability, sweet medium pitched whine, and scorching speed. As the our tests draw to a close I can still hear that little voice in my head whispering “Burn, Burn Baby Burn” as I think about ripping lures in the golden setting sun.












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