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CB Rod Wars Part 15: A Powerhouse of a Cranking Rod, the 8 foot Powell 806CB (continued)


Real World Tests: To test the Powell 806B we fished both Clear Lake and the Delta targeting Largemouth bass on both bodies of water and tried to mix in a few Stripers on the Delta. We used a variety of deep diving crankbaits as well as tossed a hollow body swimbaits as well as ripbaits on this full-bodied stick.

The 806CB features a split grip

Casting: Let’s get it out of the way right now…the 806CB is not a finesse cranking stick, this is a rod designed for cranking up big fish with big baits. With a lure rating of 1/4oz-1oz. this rod can physically cast anything from mid sized cranks to a variety of swimbaits, though with smaller 1/4oz. cranks this rod definitely feels like overkill. During the test I casted just about everything I had in the boat and with the exception of very small crankbaits the 806CB was able to handle pretty much the complete gamut, but this rod is definitely best used for larger heavier lures.

The 806CB paired with a Revo Winch, a perfect pairing for cranking deep

Retrieve: During testing on the Delta there were numerous occasions when I could see and hear stripers breaking all around me on the surface. I tied on various Pointer 128 patterns and went to town casting in and around areas where they broke the water. The 806CB not only casted these baits well but had the right parabolic action to rip these baits without putting too much strain on my wrists.

Plenty of guides improve casting and sensitivity

While the 806CB easily has the muscle to handle ripbaits and when guiding stripers back to the boat the rod’s true character was quickly revealed. Unlike other crankbait rods that feel stressed near the tip to center of the rod, the 806CB barely puts any pressure on your forearm during retrieves and allows you to sweep the rod downwards to drive the lure even further down.

Sets are instant and the Powell 806CB guides fish quite easily

Sensitivity: The 806CB fell right in the middle of the spectrum when it came to sensitivity. The length of the rod had a negative effect on sensitivity but the graphite construction helped bring it in line with competitor offerings. While definitely more sensitive than other glass rods we have tested to date the 806CB tends to feel less sensitive than it actually is because it is heavier than competing rods, like the 7’11” Shimano Cumara for example.

The 806CB manhandles decent sized bass up from the depths

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